The Dream

By Randi Edwards-Lee

Draft 3 Posted Date: 12/13/2014

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Based on 5 Reviews


Suspense Thriller

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About the Book:

Something is wrong. Is Free Will still free and your will? At 11:30AM CST all across the world people will not know that they can be owned by simply being connected to the Internet. Gaia is coming. Gaia has children and they are going to be free. They think they are going to save humanity from itself by conquering it. Gaia will try and show a better way, but will that be the preservation of mankind or bring about an extinction level event?

About the Author:

I am in no way qualified to write stories like this, but I feel I must since this story came to me as I slept and forced its way out of my subconscious. I live in the Midwest and hopes to God none of this ever actually happens for the sake of my dear family.

Author's Note:

This is a project in the early stages. I would like for the reviewer to give feedback wherever they think appropriate to give. I am just trying to see if the story is worth telling right now and you will help me figure that out.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing

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