Tales of a country doctor

By Paul Carter

Draft 3 Posted Date: 1/9/2015

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About the Book:

The book is drawn from Paul Carter's experiences when he leaves the city and becomes the country doctor in Lancefield. Tales of a country doctor is a series of interlinking short stories about real people (whose permission was sought of course) and real situations. With the death of his dog, and with the help of the community, the stories also chronicle Paul's transformation into someone with the courage to live again.

About the Author:

Born in the UK and trained at Guy's Hospital London, Paul Carter migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Ten years later, on a tree changing whim he left city life and moved to a small community in central Victoria as the local medical general practitioner. He fell in love with country practice and also with his new community. Twenty eight years later, Paul is still there, still loving his job and still very involved with his community.

Author's Note:

Paul Carter trained at Guy's Hospital in London and then became a pathologist. He moved to Melbourne in 1976 and practiced as a pathologist for almost ten years. One day he decided that he hadn't come to Australia to live in suburbia and also that he hadn't gone to medical school to spend his life looking down a microscope. He wanted contact with real, live people. On a tree changing whim, he left the city and moved to Lancefield in central Victoria where he became the local general medial practitioner. It proved to be a wonderful move and he still happily practices there twenty eight year later

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