The Lieutenant

By D.L. Fontaine

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/10/2015

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

The Lieutenant has always had a purpose. When his powers manifested as a child, he immediately took on the role of city protector. As he grew up, he became the world's superhero. But then one day, an accident leaves the Lieutenant absolutely ordinary. The result is a forced retirement, and the former superhero must determine what his life means when the world no longer needs him.

About the Author:

Lauren Fontaine is a writer and freelance designer with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing from Florida State University. This is her second novel, written in collaboration with her brother, Dirk Fontaine.

Author's Note:

This is the "Fresh-outta-Nanowrimo-very-little-editing-done" version, so the text does have some nonsense names and dorky placeholder titles. That said, I'm curious as to whether or not the plot makes sense, flows, and if I'm focusing on the right characters (are the Three more compelling? Or Persephone?). Pacing's a little off at the moment - I'm planning on fixing that during the second draft. Basically, anything that's wonky, please let me know so I can make it less wonky.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Continuity

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