Sentience | Book 1

By Vanessa Silva

Draft 2 Posted Date: 8/2/2015

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Traditional Fantasy

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About the Book:

Garren is a redeemer who brings justice and punishment with him, and his unwilling companion Fork, wherever he goes. He receives instructions from the Order of Redeemers to stop a cursed sword that is killing innocent people in a remote, mountain village called Normill. The Order requests the aid of Karah, a stubborn but determined druid woman. As she attempts to seek out Garren and Fork, she grudgingly requests the help of a lost necromancer, Death Rose, who is the only person desperate enough for coin to offer Karah any help. When the four finally meet, Garren and Fork are unenthusiastic about the lack of adventuring experience that Karah and Death Rose have, but set off to Normill to stop the sword before it kills anyone else.

About the Author:

Vanessa writes when she isn't at work or doing homework for grad school. She started writing seriously in early 2014 and hasn't been able to stop since. Fantasy is her favorite genre to read, especially when it's mixed with romance. In her down time, she enjoys reading and writing for her blog.

Author's Note:

Sentience is an adult fantasy novel. The part of the manuscript I've posted is the third or fourth major draft that I've done, but I'm hoping to improve it more. My goal is to have this book published traditionally, but I want people to enjoy it, no matter how it's published. I would appreciate feedback on flow, tension, characters, etc. I am happy to reciprocate reviews and critiques, should you choose to tackle this!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Setting, Continuity

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