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The Ink Adept

Munayair Greyhorse has been training at the legendary Marble Hall for the past ten years on her journey to become an Ink Adept, one of the elite female Mages th
TatiAnna Tibbitts1/26/2016 Be the first to review this version

Forever Bound

Book Two
Alec was everything Lilith imagined a lover could be. He was caring, sensual, and attentive to every one of her needs. She wanted and needed him badly to break
Amanda Kimberley1/26/2016

Yo Ho!

Silly silly silly, and then some. Damn again, how many words do I need to get this thing to post?
Mimi Speike1/26/2016 Be the first to review this version

Sliding Inward

This story came to me late one night. I cannot pin-point exactly why, but I knew I had to write it. It's dark, but in my vision this story shows the dark side i
Jenks Gacy1/20/2016 Be the first to review this version


Illustrious follows the story of a medieval artist in the middle of creating a famous illuminated manuscript called The Hours of Catherine of Cleves. If you'd l
by Michelle Mullet1/18/2016 Be the first to review this version

The Gold Syndicate

This is a thrilling story.The story goes like this,“The work of Gold Syndicate was going well, increasing the confidence as well as the greed of the company. Bu
Ravi Ranjan Goswami1/18/2016 Be the first to review this version

A Leaf of Lyrea

Aerilyn Livingston was a mage that was quite the unusual kind. She didn't like magic. In fact, she was afraid of making any kind of tea that it was a wonder she
M Shimoji1/17/2016 Be the first to review this version

The Mark of the Hanged

In modern day America, a despised career criminal is sent to the gallows in the first public hanging to be carried out in the United States since 1936. But unb
Dirk Richter1/17/2016

Kingdom Immortal

Just so you get a general idea of what the initial aim was, this novel will no doubt be labelled as a ‘Game of Thrones’ meets ‘Hunger Games.’ With a significant
Amy Telford1/16/2016 Be the first to review this version

In Training

In Training is one of many stories Olivia Martin has from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Throughout the story, Olivia tries to capture the emotion and per
Olivia Martin1/15/2016

Duke's Foals

Duke's Foals is one of many stories Olivia Martin has from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Throughout the story, Olivia tries to capture the emotion and pe
Olivia Martin1/14/2016

The River Band

A River Band is one of many stories Olivia Martin has from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Throughout the story, Olivia tries to capture the emotion and perso
Olivia Martin1/14/2016 Be the first to review this version


Daring the Impossible to Birth Greatness
This book deals with how to create ideas that will trigger your greatness. It introduces greatness as God's endowment in man and turns it into a quest in man fo
Chris I. E. Edwin-Odhe1/12/2016 Be the first to review this version

The Soul of a Sweater

Prologue for novel, Changing Sweaters
I don't want to describe the book this piece is an experimental preface to. Instead, my goal is to elicit readers' responses to the type of book they ENVISION a
Kate Sebeny1/12/2016

Why the Earl is After the Girl

Ways of Love series - Book 1
A missing heirloom... It all started with the Ashcroft sapphire, a rare brooch that has been passed down through the lines for generations. It was his grandmoth
Tabetha Waite1/10/2016

Green Under, Orange Across, Part 1

A young woman departs from self-prescribed isolation with the sudden death of her estranged brother.
Melissa Toldy1/8/2016 Be the first to review this version

Hell in a Hand Basket

Olivia is realizing and learning some important life lessons in her mid-thirties, that she wishes she had learned in her 20s like other women. For the first tim
Anne Robinson1/7/2016 Be the first to review this version

The Fallen Brand

Astra Cole was not expecting much from her life, but when strange new powers start manifesting inside of her, she is dragged into an age old battle that she has
Jade Anastasia1/7/2016 Be the first to review this version

When Demons Hide

Devon Sawyer is a bright, energetic graphic designer who falls in love hard and fast with his soul mate, Carmen Calderón. A mutual acquaintance of theirs hits o
Mary-ellen DeLeon1/5/2016 Be the first to review this version


A collection of short stories
Jennifer is a twenty something reaching a pivotal point in her life, she encounters a man who will change her life forever. The story is set in a middle income
Jessica Safavimehr1/1/2016 Be the first to review this version


The Return
The return of the primordial gods of myth to our current day world propels aftershocks throughout a humanity grappling to deal with their now splintered ideolog
J.C. Dillon12/23/2015 Be the first to review this version

Final Muster

The first drafts had POV problems. I THINK I now have only 2 POV's. I already know some opinions hold that two is one too many for a story. I am happy with thes
RC Gravelle12/18/2015


Every morning, 17 year old Maria De Rosario takes an hour long train ride to her private high school in Manhattan, where some girls use Marc Jacob handbags to c
Paul Gramigna12/15/2015 Be the first to review this version

Reaching for the Moon

Lady Anne Hewitt will do anything to keep her family's name from scandal. After she marries the rake who accidentally compromised her, that is. To avoid further
Noelle Pierce 12/14/2015 Be the first to review this version

Riding For The Brand

Sage Country Book three
Bullet wounds leave puckered scars, if you live long enough for them to heal At the end of the 19th Century, life is hard for folks living on the Front Range o
Dan Arnold12/5/2015

Livie Vine Hates Bedtime

Livie's imagination runs wild at bedtime. When her efforts to avoid bedtime are squashed, she finds ways to help her fall asleep. She even enlists the family


Enter the Adventure
Alexander Read was bored, not because there's nothing to do but because he was normal. But everything changed when the Bassots moved to next door and Alex reali
Cadmus Crow11/30/2015 Be the first to review this version

A Year With Alaska

College Junior Ian Taylor has been in love before, but never with another guy. Finding himself while falling in love with Freshman Alaska Jackson, Ian's life ta
Stephanie Fox11/28/2015

The Unsuitable Girl

A novel
Dhara Seth, a radiant young woman in Nairobi’s traditional Punjabi community, dreams of opening a restaurant. But before she can follow her own dreams, she need
Judith Wright Chopra11/20/2015

Losing the Light

a novel
Thirty-year-old Brooke Thompson prepares to leave Manhattan and her 20s behind to move upstate with her fiancé, when she receives a friend’s startling invitatio
Andrea Dunlop11/18/2015


The Peacemakers are a near mythical group of lawmen who are preternaturally gifted gunmen. they stand as judge, jury and executioner in a near lawless society.
JEFF SHELNUTT11/18/2015 Be the first to review this version

Entropy's Son

Aarian Kane watched his childhood friends grow and discover their paths. The Eridian seers, responsible for discovering and unlocking the inner potentials of a
by Adam Pitcher11/13/2015

a curious tale of men and animals

This is a tale of the journey of a foolish holidaying man and describes the rather curious encounters involving animals, townsfolk, companions and others. It go
pope Dixon11/13/2015 Be the first to review this version

This Aging Thing

"This Aging Thing" is a character driven novel written from the point of view of the two main protagonists. Alice Lepo, an ex-CIA operative, and Frank Hast
Jan Larsen11/12/2015 Be the first to review this version

Frog Legs

A Dunbarton Mystery
The body was found in the early morning, face down in the murky waters of the marsh. There was no question that he had drowned. The question was did he have hel
Valerie Tate11/9/2015

The End of Mystery

A Danish Fantasy Adventure
Julien Størgård is an ambitious young scientist, determined to put the world's illusions and superstitions to rest. When a mysterious stranger gives him the ult
J. P. Kippling11/8/2015

While You're Asleep

You fall asleep and begin to snore. Then hippo hops up and looks toward the door. The coast is clear! He has no fear! He slides off the bed, down to the floor.
Victoria Wirkkala11/6/2015

A Tom Cat in the Lion's Den

An African Fantasy Adventure
The year is 1872 and Alexandra Cochette, a headstrong twenty-three-year-old, is working as an Acquirer, a job that requires her to find ordinary-looking objects
J. P. Kippling11/6/2015 Be the first to review this version

Drowning In Rivers

Seventeen-year-old ‘city girl’ Grace Burns got revenge on her controlling, abusive ex by pushing his truck into a lake, running over twelve-year-old Andrea “And
Heidi Peitz11/2/2015

Matt & Beth Get Divorced

Six years after they split up, Beth's still not sure if Matt was the best thing that ever happened to her, or the worst. It’s ten years since Matt and Beth got
Caroline Fraser10/30/2015 Be the first to review this version

Night Shifters

Charlie is an 18-year-old transgender male who is told he can switch bodies with people – and when he does, he has the ability to do a little of what Charlie wo
Phoebe Gould10/21/2015 Be the first to review this version


What is real? What does it mean for a person or thing to be real? Brigitte Sturm encounters a crisis when she suddenly can't tell if someone in her life is "rea
Phoebe Gould10/18/2015 Be the first to review this version

Performance at Dusty Mama's

Two men from two different financial worlds meet and learn from one another. Brett Mittleman, a young, green-around-the-ears commodities trader from an upper-m
David Boarini10/18/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Stone Moon Pack

Faolan's Journey
There was a strong, long generation, powerful, race of a pack of wolves. Now this pack wasn't just any other pack. It was the Stone Moon pack. It had been honou

The House of Lattimore

In London in 1903, after the death of her employer and caregiver, Maggie Peterson must find a suitable position. She has an appointment with an agency that hire
A.M. Owen10/15/2015 Be the first to review this version

Harbinger's Kiss

Toronto's most notoriously eligible bachelor doesn't stand a chance against this nosy librarian. Laurel Harbinger, a struggling twenty-something, stumbles into

A Thin Rabble Of Friends

As a small group of friends gather to enjoy an evening of food, drink and conversation, an uninvited guest appears out of thin air. Dead from an apparent fall,
Hans Jenske10/6/2015

The Leader of the Band

Jenna blames her mother for her parents' divorce when they are forced to move to Richwood, Ohio, in June of 1963 because of Mrs. Kerby's new job as English teac
B.B. Frank10/6/2015


There are two worlds: the "real" one where we live in, and the magical one, where the fantasies that populated our world's imagination come from. They exist sep
B.E.Knight10/4/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Keepers of Earth

Aurora Medius
Here is a brief overview of the book’s plot: Mark, a fifteen-year-old boy, has been drawing Aurora Borealis pictures since he was three without remembering that
David Akselrod10/3/2015