The Leader of the Band

By B.B. Frank

Draft 1 Posted Date: 10/6/2015

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Young Adult Historical

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About the Book:

Jenna blames her mother for her parents' divorce when they are forced to move to Richwood, Ohio, in June of 1963 because of Mrs. Kerby's new job as English teacher at the high school. Jenna has given up her friends, her father, and her home. She is bored and lonely and wants only to make friends with the popular "good kids" in town. They all belong to the marching band, so she reluctantly becomes a flag bearer and learns to march in step under the tyrannical leadership of director Mel Tigenhoff. Jenna readily joins in with her new friends when they make fun of gorky sophomore drum major Harry Betcher and his trombone virtuoso girlfriend, Julia Camp. As the band marches on from Labor Day to Homecoming to the last football game in November, Jenna learns that careless bullying can destroy not only its target but also the bully. Even though she tries to take a stand for what is right , she cannot forgive herself for what she has done.

About the Author:

Brenda Beeney Frank is an Ohioan who in high school disliked marching band and was a mediocre trombone player unwilling to memorize her music. She grew up to be a writing teacher and a psychologist who wrote thousands of reports as part of her efforts to make life easier for children with learning and behavior problems. She enjoys traveling south in the winter, making quilts, and watching football with her husband, their daughter, and their three cats.

Author's Note:

Candid yet kind comments invited on any aspect of the book. My goal is for it to be published. Please help.

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