By B.E.Knight

Draft 2 Posted Date: 10/4/2015

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Young Adult Fantasy

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About the Book:

There are two worlds: the "real" one where we live in, and the magical one, where the fantasies that populated our world's imagination come from. They exist separate, with the real one having no knowledge of the other world. Leo is a young man from the real world, who discovers he is a descendant of an extinct race of magical beings from the other world: the birdmen. Through traditions and complications, Leo learns he has inherited the throne of an entire kingdom on the Other World. He now reigns as king of the magical kingdom of Asaelia, surrounded by a variety of strange people, such as a stuck-up elf, a hyperactive witch, a stern samurai, and many others. But not all are happy with his arrival. A mysterious, masked figure; a nightmare from the birdmen's bloody, war-torn history appears. "As long as you remain, your kingdom will never know peace," he says. "I will make sure of it."

About the Author:

B. E. Knight is a fifty-foot-long celestial dragon who took up literature after some wandering hedge knights drove him out of his cave and sacked his treasure. Homeless and with no money, he fell in love with the literary arts once he met a elvish storyteller during his travels. The elf taught Knight the nuances of writing and he set on his journey to become a writer, not only to regain his wealth and one day, possibly his home, but because he noticed a severe lack of representation of dragon writers in the market. About the matter, he had this to say: "The voice of young, amateur dragon writers like myself has been ignored for too long. Maybe, if I can be succesful, I'll open up the doors for other dragons to make it as writers."

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