The End of Mystery | A Danish Fantasy Adventure

By J. P. Kippling

Draft 6 Posted Date: 11/8/2015

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Historical Fantasy

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About the Book:

Julien Størgård is an ambitious young scientist, determined to put the world's illusions and superstitions to rest. When a mysterious stranger gives him the ultimate opportunity to fulfil his aspirations by discovering the secret of the Black Orlov, a cursed jewel. Julien readily accepts the challenge, despite the fact he must return to his home country of Denmark. There, his dark past is waiting for him, one which he must overcome if he is to put the mystery of the Black Orlov to rest. However, Julien is not the only one with an eye on the Black Orlov. He finds himself pulled into a mystery that is darker and more dangerous mystery than he could have imagined.

About the Author:

On a personal note, I'm a busy traveller who has lived for years in all kinds of obscure countries from Africa to Asia. I spent time living in Odense, Denmark and it was this weird and windy country that captured my imagination and which became the inspiration for this story. Website: Twitter: @JPKippling

Author's Note:

This book was formerly titled STØRGÅRD but I've decided to change it (along with changing, well, just about all of the book). I had some serious plot issues, so I've restructured most of the book, which means *cries* a lot of rewriting. The good news is that I'm a lot happier with this version and I think the book has a stronger start. I'd really appreciate getting feedback at this point so I can determine if my new approach is working.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting

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