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Embers to Ashes

A destined journey
With a name that means protector of mankind and a power she can't control, Axelia has lived a life shunned by most, her father included. When soldiers come to t
MB Mulhall 4/1/2011

Three Loves For Horue

The lots-of-concept description for this story is "Post-Colonial Alternative Kinship Bisexual Polyamory Romance." It began as a short story at Clarion West 200
Michael R Underwood3/23/2011

Red Dust

After a mass exodus from Earth, life has reverted back to the days of old for 17 year old Natalie and those who crash landed with her on a planet they named Ter
MB Mulhall 4/17/2011

Blue Ridge Blood

Hospitals are creepy places. Especially at night. Especially when there is a psychotic killer on the loose. Blue Ridge Blood is about a psychic cop who has to p

Flea Treatment

Crystal doesn't ask more out of life than to destroy the vampires that imprisoned her family. She willingly joins an experiment that turns her blood into poison

His Faithful Squire

Rafe meant to learn how to be a partner to Taro, but he got distracted. Now Rafe and Taro are out on their own, and Taro is still charging forward like he has M
KD Sarge4/8/2011

The Agent's Priority

When FBI Agent Carson Loomis relocates to Denver, his heart is heavy with the loss of his partner and his mind stirs with vengeance. His mission is to haunt th

Sin City

Nina Skye is a stripper in one of the more innocuous clubs in Las Vegas, sure that shes keeping a low profile, until she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck gri
S A Price4/6/2011

Through the Lens

Cassandra thought that her life couldn't get much worse when she threw her cheating boyfriend out, but when she finds a photo of herself at the bookstore where


Short Story - Menopausal space window washer is faced with a hard decision when she notices venting atmosphere on a departing shuttle


A simple salvaging run turns into a nightmare when scavenger Cam rescues a lone juice rat from a sandstorm. One small act of kindness brings on the wrath of the

Zombie Diapers

Being a teen mom too hard? Try it with zombies chasing you.
Liz is a survivor, one of the few, of the zombie apocalypse. A teenager who just recently was a cheerleader, dating the Quarterback, and doing everything right
Cassandra Stryffe4/28/2011


Hannelore has taught first grade long enough to see her former students grow up and become the parents of her current class. Like many people, she has a long li

Sunny's Haven

Sunny Hawkins has a big problem. She’s desperate to keep her husband and daughters from finding out they’re deeply in debt and about to lose their home. The rew
Kenja Purkey4/29/2011

Jewel of the Gods

The King is Dead! Long Live the Dead King!
New to the foreign port of Syrras belonging to the country of Wasef, Red was only looking for a bit of fun. Instead what he got was an unasked for demonstratio

Of Saints And Sinners

Caroline Sweet’s day goes from bad to worse when the police show up at her job with pictures of her dissertation chairman, Harriet “The Horrible” Hobbly, who ha


Huntsman and Hound, Book One
Naomi won't let anything stop her from protecting her friends. Fortunately Fidelis, a mysterious power in the body of a boy, is susceptible to cookie-bribes.
KD Sarge4/19/2011

The Lady and The Tower

Chronicles of the Mercenary King
Imprisoned in an ancient tower, a simple mercenary experiences the fantastical, frightening edge of his world. Can he hold together his crumbling spirit?

Midsummers Terror

The Sheriff Todd Westcraft, faces a terrible problem. In his small town people are dying or going missing. When a whole family dies and their are signs of strug
T R Garris4/7/2011

Libra Rising

Book 1 in Illiana Bradley series
Twenty-three year old Illiana Bradley isn't aware of her unique heritage. She awakens from a trauma a changed woman with psychic abilities she never knew she po


A young woman undergoes a dark ritual in exchange for power, only to discover the price is more than she's willing to pay.

Seductive Prey

When Laney McDermot killed her husband in self-defense seven years ago, she promised herself she’d never again fall for a cowboy. It was an easy promise to keep

Buried Secrets--A Short Story

When Julie discovers a metal box buried in her garden, she finds out the truth on her missing long-lost twin sister, Catherine, who was abducted at age five. Wi


Alice, Ex-Regulator, has pushed her luck too far. Where has her family gone?What is hidden inside Flat? Only an ancient gun and miserable suit can help her now.

Struggle and Thrive

18 year old Derek Drake thinks all he needs is transportation, then he can scavenge a fortune from the ruins of Seattle. But the traders he tries to steal from

Death Notes (was: Jumping the Shark)

previously titled: Jumping the Shark
When death threats against reality TV star Amber Hamilton escalate to bloodshed, bodyguard and PI Lorraine Keyes must protect the woman America loves to hate.
Gwenyffer 5/29/2011


The year is 2268, The City of Angels. Peter Romito, a drug addict and prostitute, is hunted by the Priest, who is on a sacred mission. The Priest carves out his
rj crowther jr6/12/2011

Getaway Girlz

Vivian Taylor’s dreams drowned the night she found her husband, father of their four young children, in the pool with her. Days from finalizing divorce and in n
Joan Rylen4/27/2013

Boot City

Ren Gudrunsdottir can’t seem to stay out of trouble, or so everyone in Boot City is always telling her. But Ren has her own definition of trouble and thinks no
Jennifer Dodge7/21/2013


Alistar Meriwether is a successful trader and an honest man, a far cry from the scheming scavenger he’d been raised to be. As Alistar plans the biggest sale of

The Will Of Instinct: a zombie novel

One Man’s Struggle to Survive Among the Undead
It is years after the horrors of the zombie plague, and the world continues to rebuild. In the ruins of Old New York, a tattered leather journal is found with
Ruled By Books4/26/2011

Files from The Inqusitor

Sonja Blaize and the Multi-colored Sampo
Sonja Blaize had an exciting enough life as the field reporter for The Inqusitor, Ohio's very own tabloid for the paranormal set. Then her ex comes back into he
Sara Camarata4/26/2011


A young adult fantasy book about a mysterious train line and the men who want to control it for themselves.
John Biggs5/9/2011


On a summer day in 1939, when two boys weren’t supposed to be anywhere near their abandoned house in Rockridge, Connecticut, an innocent game of hide and seek w
Heather Pemberton6/7/2011

Merciless Destruction

A Political Thriller
Merciless Destruction takes on the FBI, the religious right, the war on terror, and the political culture of “Hollywood for ugly people,” Washington DC. Vete
Bruce Gatenby5/2/2011

Out Of The Night

Having been possessed for seven gruesome months, Corinna Moss is beyond grateful when a man exorcises the demon and sets her free. Her freedom is short-lived, h
C Baughman12/30/2011

The Lustful Spy

A Spinster Club novel - (book one)
Miss Triana Abernathy is content with being a wallflower, at least that means she has her independence. The problem is the Duke of Chiltern, having breezed into
Tabetha Waite8/29/2013

Henry Spark

‘Henry Spark’ is like Jesus’s Son, richly concise, free of overwrought details, and quotable. Pop culture references insulate Henry from his crumbling personal
Jason Rice5/2/2011

A Life Lived Ridiculously

Prolougue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Maxine’s brain is stuck. Everything around her feels wrong and the only way to fix it is to check, double-check, rearrange and count everything. What Maxine can
Annabelle R Charbit4/27/2011

When the Moon Fails

A mystery that spans three countries
One girl arrives in Portugal on a mission. She's never left the UK before. One man arrives in Portugal on a mission. He's never left the States before. Both ar
Susan Roebuck4/27/2011


Elle Eastgate had no idea she was applying for employment at a brothel in New York City. Captain Harcourt had referred her to The Dovetail. She had never met th
Keta Diablo4/26/2011

Moonbird Express

Matt Newcomb, American captain of the first Martian explorers and Richard Nickelose, a Moonbase settler, have never met, but both their lives will take new dire
L K Pinaire6/21/2011

Stone Song

Ty and Jen discover a new technology being used for criminal and political purposes. They also stumble on ancient knowledge in the English countryside, where th
phil5/9/2012 Be the first to review this version

Shattered Lands

Torquemaster Rising
It is 1897 and the sun never sets on the British Empire. Queen Victoria rules with an iron fist from her palace in Birmingham whilst London remains under siege
Matthew Sylvester6/17/2011

Rise of the Sigrun

This is a major work in progress and has come a long way since I started it in High School. In a world known as Hesperos, Nerezza, the sole remaining member o
Jennifer Galik6/17/2014 Be the first to review this version


"Then why you here?" the cabbie asked. "Looking for a body," Drew said. "I have to find a body and send it home." The cabbie spit out the window. "You looking f
ken miller5/28/2011

From Russia With Blood

A tale a young woman thrown into a world of supernatural beings.
Anya grew up in the wilds of Utah and led a wonderful, safe childhood. Once she began attending college in sunny California, her horizons quickly expanded more
Kristine Ondrus5/24/2011 Be the first to review this version

The Archon

In the Land of Thoringarde, A young man and his friend are chosen to join the most prestigious order in the land, The Clerics of Samctum. Everything seems fine
Peter Thomson4/27/2011

Knights and Chivalry

A (very) short piece of fiction that juxtaposes the fantasy and reality of knighthood in a contemporary world.
Michael Guarneiri5/3/2011

Ariana of the Island

Every year the dying members of the Sea Eagle tribe take a final journey to the Empire of Valerus, the land of the gods, but when Ariana, the chief’s daughter r
Julie Rossignol4/27/2011