From Russia With Blood

A tale a young woman thrown into a world of supernatural beings.
Anya grew up in the wilds of Utah and led a wonderful, safe childhood. Once she began attending college in sunny California, her horizons quickly expanded more
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Winds of Change

Romantic Adventure
Sheltered in the hills of Darjeeling is Lona who is soon besotted by Neel. Under heavy opposition from her parents she marries into a political family and then
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Letters to Myself

"Dear Savannah, the visions you are having are real. I know, you think you're going crazy, but everything you see will happen. I'm scared that this warning won
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The Governess--Book One: The Trilogy

A Huntington Saga Series Novel
Lovely, inexperienced Miss Carly Blakemore, only nineteen years of age, is received at her first post as governess for two precocious children, ready to love th
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Creighton's Daughter

Book Four-- A Huntington Saga Series Novel
Following the ill-guided counsel of her closest new friend, Elspeth plays the games of high society with ease. But emptiness is never far away. Still, ever so n
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Her Ghost Wears Kilts

Sudden blasts of frigid, heart-stopping air are the first clue something’s not right at Baillie’s bookstore. When she hears faint bagpipes and the cat hides fro
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A special night

What can a husband do to satisfy after a long week of work. He spares nothing, and goes the extra mile ensuring his wife feels the full extent of all pleasures.
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The Secrets of Shadows

For Alistair Elswood, Duke of Aylesbury, his life changes irrevocably when a malicious siren casts a curse upon his soul, sentencing him to an existence that is
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Angel of Tears
Marie was anything but ordinary but not because she sang like an angel or danced with insurmountable elegance, though those talents didn’t hurt her case. Any hu
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Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach is a tale of small town youth, sort of like ass kicking Hardy Boys (and girls) with bad attitudes and criminal tendencies, up against one of the
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Reaching for the Moon

Lady Anne Hewitt will do anything to keep her family's name from scandal. After she marries the rake who accidentally compromised her, that is. To avoid further
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The Beauty of the Dance

When a maid makes light for an evening and happens across the Queen, who agrees to the whimsy of the night, a Prince may well find himself intrigued. Yet how d
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Come Undone

The Cityscape Series, #1
Olivia Germaine has already found love. Devoted wife, loyal friend, determined career woman - she’s created the life she always envisioned. But when Olivia lock
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Racing Hearts

Someone wants her dead… As the hottest female race car driver on her uncle’s team, Sami Gentile will let nothing get in the way of her success, not even threate
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There's Danger in Love

The Jade Mysteries
This is the 3rd installment for my Jade Mysteries series. Jade has went through so much from learning she was adopted to falling in love. When danger arises, wi
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Build Me a Girl

Sophie Braxton and Oliver Duncan met as part of the most abnormal business meeting, and somehow managed to fall in love, when neither of them were looking for,
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Dragonfly Awakening

Love Bug Series #2
When Paul Harris laid eyes on Ellie Caldwell the first day of high school, his heart stopped and never beat the same again. However, his best friend Lance spoke
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It all started with a Toothache

formerly Cavanaugh Women
Kate quits her job as a paralegal in the Harrison, Harrison, James & Harrison law firm and terminates her engagement to the youngest Harrison partner, because o
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Fight or Flight

One year since tragedy struck, and Noah is still wallowing in depression and grief. The only thing that has shaken him out of it is an unexpectedly intimate en
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of love, revenge and forgiveness
In the wake of infidelity, lies, emotional abuse and wreckage two people plot murderous revenge only to be met with something far more powerful – a tangle of lo
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When Demons Hide

Devon Sawyer is a bright, energetic graphic designer who falls in love hard and fast with his soul mate, Carmen Calderón. A mutual acquaintance of theirs hits o
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Runaway Heart

Romantic Historical Western
Helly MacPherson flees her abusive stepfather and an arranged marriage on the eve of her wedding. She dreams of going west, teaching school and never being sub
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Timeless Hope

Stories of Inspiration and Love
These are five short stories about love and inspiration. Simple, and to the heart stories that will hopefully touch your heart and soul.
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Adia and Delio

Adia Altvie has been raised as a man in a man's world. But the only problem is, she's a woman. And when she discovers love for the first time under the hot summ
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Blood Stains

A Cote Endicott Novel
Cote is your normal everyday girl... okay, maybe not. She can kick ass with the best of them. It's when a seemingly other-worldly man appears out of the shado
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Mosquito Chase

Love Bug Series #4
Caleb Harris devotes his life to serve and protect his small North Carolina town, but once the badge comes off, he does little to protect the hearts of women. E
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The Fight of a Lifetime

This book covers the journey of a teenage girl when she discovers that the company she works for is actually a malevolent corporation that "tests" on the supern
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The Romantic Century

Love without Boundaries
This novel is about a little girl having an ambition of being an international opera singer in the future, who had made a promise to herself in her childhood th
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Blood Isn't Always Thicker Than Water
Jeannie Justice was fixing to graduate school from Alvaton High, when her older sister, Ava Justice was a no-show. Jeannie rushed home to find her house in sham
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My jewlery box

Short stories
Short stories I will only write as they occur to me, which might or might not be often. I base most of my stories on what I go or went through. So most of them
Alexa Crowne4/29/2013

Angel Love

Maddalena opens the door to the love of her life.

Coyote's Name

a fan-fiction of the breed novel
A fan fiction of the breed novel by Lora Leigh. Cassandra has just seen a council of Genetics kill a woman. But when they send a coyote breed to kill her, she

The Recollection

The Story Of My L:ife
The Recollection is a compilation of stories of two beautiful beings loving life despite the hardships and trials. Being positive with anything even though how
Cindy Ribo7/4/2011

The Approaching Curve...

A Short Story Inspired by Songs...
Jessica and Johnny are two 20 year olds caught up in a destroyed relation. Jessica Want Johnny to disappear out of her life while Johnny wants her back in it. T
Black Fire Blitzer7/12/2011

The Girl Who Didn't Go

A young woman returns to her hometown ten years after a tragedy that took her three best friends and ends up working with her ex-boyfriend to solve a murder.
Kelly Duff6/29/2014

Warror Princess

It been years that a princess went missing in a kingdom during the great rebel battle and with out one the kingdom will fall. Ameila was raise in army camp wi
Kenia Rodriguez 2/4/2016

Quasar Love

Its 6pm and the workday is over but as the doors to the office close and the last person leaves, Franny's life begins in earnest. Franny, an overworked, lonely


Mae Carlson has a father dead from cancer and a mother swallowed by grief. Aleksandr Kovalenko has an abusive father, a missing mother, and a sister with a hear
Karoline Tufte Lien4/27/2011

Comrade Kitten

A Chinese woman's journey from a peasant girl trying to survive during the Japanese invasion to a communist soldier under Mao's leadership. After living through
Kitten Comrade5/2/2011

Jenny's Love

Jenny is a very shy girl. What happens when she meets a happy-go -luck guy named Joey and falls in love? Can she beat her shyness and tell him how she feels?
Jessica Crupe4/2/2012

Wiccan Lies

She thought that she had finally found herself after her childhood of horror, but she was wrong. Really wrong. MacKenzie's life seemed to be spiraling out of
DJ Shaw5/11/2012


Vampires make a fortune in the human selling business. Just capture a bunch of mortals, clean their bodies up a bit, and you'll have customers lining up by the


Penny hasn't dated in five years. Witnessing the perfect summer kiss, she decides its time to give love another chance. This time, however, she'll use the Inter
MB Hanna11/5/2011


The war between Vampires and Werewolves has continued for centuries. Dozens of clans of supernatural creatures have tried to end the feud but none were successf
Kathie White6/5/2013


A Short Story By Donte Douglas & Colin Bass
Men, they are habitual for taking the women that bless their lives for granted, and in the case of Darren Bowe he is left to face his past demons as well as the
Colin Bass7/23/2012

The Irish Rose

Ross McMahon, the laird of County Monaghan has only one heir, his daughter. She is a sassy and strong willed women named Ciara. There are many waiting to marry
Julia Cazort10/24/2011

Killer on The Loose

Xavier Thompson was just a normal 17 year old boy. He had a brother and a mother. Was in love with the girl of his dreams. But that all changed suddenly when hi
Marisa Lopez8/9/2011

A Cut Above

This is an Urban Adventure; a tongue-in-cheek story, quick paced and devilish. Lord Fly pulls no punches as he tells the story of a young boy thrown into an urb
Lord Fly11/30/2012


The Civil War is over, and there is peace in the land. That is what Max Bratton, Irish immigrant and military veteran, expects when he leads a delegation throug
DG Downer1/29/2013

The Secret of Zoe

Zoe wants to be like other girls, ordinary girls living perfectly ordinary lives in the world of the living, but her life will never be ordinary or perfect whil
CJ Renaud9/26/2013