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Shadowed Sins

Sin Eater Book 1
Jenna has lived by one credo her entire life--avoid unnecessary complications. When you have the ability to not only 'see' another person's sin, but absorb it

Pawn of the Dead

The Zombie Apocalypse has come and gone, but Madison doesn’t remember it. As she learns to survive, she starts to wonder if she might be the real monster.

Blackstone Academy

Jesse has had trouble dealing with life ever since her sister fell into a coma. Attending Blackstone Academy is a chance for her to start over. But despite its

Fire Born, Blood Blessed

Born into a clan of fire warriors, a half-breed pariah escapes to a desert nation where her gift of mind control will be the salvation or demise of a kingdom.

Merry Meet

If you want to commit murder, don't frame a witch.
Nikki Hopeman3/6/2011

All We Need Is an East Wind

Kasey Sun gets possessed by ghosts for a living. She doesn't love the career, but it pays the bills, and keeps her from being vulnerable to wandering spirits th

Rabbit Slayer

The Alice Chronicles
When Emily's friend, Beth, is abducted by a cult of albinos called the White Rabbits she feels compelled to get her back. Emily accepts the help of a bizarre an

Selkie's Kiss

Just the starting pages of a unfinished novella...
Selkies! Maybe.
Allison Pang3/10/2011

Family Ties

When Grace moves into a 1840s Victorian, she gets more than she bargained for; not only from the home’s dark past, but also from the sexy builder she hires.
Gillian Daniells3/11/2011

Home of Masterpieces

Guy can't be satisfied with the mundane life at his mum's house in the little village of Twerby, even if parole after serving a sentence for art theft makes tha

Edge of the Wood

Rose learns her aunt May helps watch over a magic wood filled with denizens light & dark. Rose loves the wood, but can she save her niece from a hunter's trap?


A Nikki Slade Story
After her husband's death on a covert op, former sniper Jessica Rogers tries to find out why. After an attempt on her life, Jessica disappears, but a secret con

Step Right Up

When her boyfriend insists she take a walk with him through the freak show tent, Ellie would rather just have her cotton candy. The deeper into the tent Ellie w

Wake Me At Dusk

Charlotte has worked hard to keep a low profile since she escaped her terrifying maker almost 200 years ago. None of the humans in her life know her for the vam

In the Arms of Nightmares

Behind the black and white snapshots of VE-Day celebrations and after the roar of the swinging trumpets dies down, a madman hunts his prey. Arthur Reilly hears
Robert Dean3/17/2011

Flight of the Last Hope (Rough Draft)

Tommy is just a poor schlub unloading freighter ships on a Martian colony when an industrial accident destroys his left food. He loses his job rather quickly af

This is Dalton

Marshal Caleb Maynard has been charged by the Order of Rules to fortify the Southwest town of Dalton against a possible annexation by the Kingdom of the Pacific


A hero of Mars waits for his wife to join him and their daughter, but she remains on a chaotic and disintegrating earth and they are running out of time.

Fire Red

Reflecting on the loss of his family and the part he played, Reid is forced to make a choice.
JK Bradley3/20/2011

Who Sleeps That Soon Shall Wake

A horror short story in the Lovecraftian Vein

Zombies Have No Respect for Plumbing

A humorous flash fiction story detailing a day in the life of a plumber after the zombie apocalypse has subsided.

Rapture Red

Plenty of women have reason to want Lane Coburn dead, including his widow. Detective Cy Blessing must find out if the pro gambler was killed for love or money.

Night of the Frozen Elf

Disaster befalls the North Pole! Will Santa be able to save Christmas this year?

Eat. Prey. Love.

Newlyweds share a strange breakfast in bed.


A southern town is turned upside down when they find a monster in their midst.

Three Loves For Horue

The lots-of-concept description for this story is "Post-Colonial Alternative Kinship Bisexual Polyamory Romance." It began as a short story at Clarion West 200
Michael R Underwood3/23/2011


A Fairy Tale
Nate learned his lesson clearly. When people leave Green Rivers, they never come back the same, if they come back at all. He needs a job to distract him from he


When Camille Rebecca Jones, ex-heiress, ex-socialite, and ex-African Relief pilot, returns home to save her Uncle’s executive jet charter company she faces ever

Phoenix 2125

20 years after California sinks into the ocean, creating a coastal Arizona, orphan Tom returns home to Phoenix. He is quickly swept up in a world of intrigue hi
Alexander Hollins3/31/2011

Embers to Ashes

A destined journey
With a name that means protector of mankind and a power she can't control, Axelia has lived a life shunned by most, her father included. When soldiers come to t
MB Mulhall 4/1/2011

Blue Ridge Blood

Hospitals are creepy places. Especially at night. Especially when there is a psychotic killer on the loose. Blue Ridge Blood is about a psychic cop who has to p

Proof of Self

Mission One
Sometimes being a fighter pilot in a war far from Earth isn't easy. Especially if you're a goddess without her powers, depending only on her skills to survive.

Human Aspect

In this fantastic coming of age tale, Dauch is a rising star in his clan -- son of the chief, peerless hunter and warrior, effortless shapeshifter -- but he sti
Elizabeth Brooks4/4/2011

Flea Treatment

Crystal doesn't ask more out of life than to destroy the vampires that imprisoned her family. She willingly joins an experiment that turns her blood into poison

The Lady and The Tower

Chronicles of the Mercenary King
Imprisoned in an ancient tower, a simple mercenary experiences the fantastical, frightening edge of his world. Can he hold together his crumbling spirit?


A young woman undergoes a dark ritual in exchange for power, only to discover the price is more than she's willing to pay.

Sin City

Nina Skye is a stripper in one of the more innocuous clubs in Las Vegas, sure that shes keeping a low profile, until she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck gri
S A Price4/6/2011


Short Story - Menopausal space window washer is faced with a hard decision when she notices venting atmosphere on a departing shuttle

Midsummers Terror

The Sheriff Todd Westcraft, faces a terrible problem. In his small town people are dying or going missing. When a whole family dies and their are signs of strug
T R Garris4/7/2011


Unfortunate circumstances force this bride-to-be into the subway on her way to the wedding, and that's when things start to get weird.
Rhonda Parrish4/7/2011

His Faithful Squire

Rafe meant to learn how to be a partner to Taro, but he got distracted. Now Rafe and Taro are out on their own, and Taro is still charging forward like he has M
KD Sarge4/8/2011


Hannelore has taught first grade long enough to see her former students grow up and become the parents of her current class. Like many people, she has a long li


A simple salvaging run turns into a nightmare when scavenger Cam rescues a lone juice rat from a sandstorm. One small act of kindness brings on the wrath of the

Snow Effect

James losses his innocence while the snow man dances alone. A life lesson children needn't learn.
JK Bradley4/10/2011

Struggle and Thrive

18 year old Derek Drake thinks all he needs is transportation, then he can scavenge a fortune from the ruins of Seattle. But the traders he tries to steal from

Of Saints And Sinners

Caroline Sweet’s day goes from bad to worse when the police show up at her job with pictures of her dissertation chairman, Harriet “The Horrible” Hobbly, who ha

Jewel of the Gods

The King is Dead! Long Live the Dead King!
New to the foreign port of Syrras belonging to the country of Wasef, Red was only looking for a bit of fun. Instead what he got was an unasked for demonstratio

The Dainty Duchess

Every third or fourth generation, the Earl of Cheshire’s family manages to produce a girl child. This is not cause for celebration. Rather, it is cause for sham

Seductive Prey

When Laney McDermot killed her husband in self-defense seven years ago, she promised herself she’d never again fall for a cowboy. It was an easy promise to keep

Dreaming of Hell

Sergeant JP Morales is severely burned in Afghanistan. He returns home for treatment, and quickly realizes that he would rather die than live as a freak. When t