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Or: `Death of a Dead Guy'
Genre: A Comic Murder-Mystery Conspiracy Thriller. So, my previous novel "A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols" teaches the reader how to be a Game Desi

Zylena's Element

Zylena submits to her fate; she has a duty to do so. This leads her on an adventure with her element mate to the city of Trivoty. She is put in the care of an
Yezall Strongheart10/11/2011

Zombies in a Mall Setting

Robert goes to a mall, in which there are zombies.
Kevin Richardson6/20/2011

Zombies Have No Respect for Plumbing

A humorous flash fiction story detailing a day in the life of a plumber after the zombie apocalypse has subsided.

Zombie Dome

Julius Benz, the universe’s greatest humanitarian, builds a dome on the poisonous planet of Regulus to house the undying shells left behind by mankind’s newest

Zombie Diapers

Being a teen mom too hard? Try it with zombies chasing you.
Liz is a survivor, one of the few, of the zombie apocalypse. A teenager who just recently was a cheerleader, dating the Quarterback, and doing everything right
Cassandra Stryffe4/28/2011


Set in the future, Zodiacus was created whereby people are divided by their signs on the zodiac. And the element signs that these fall in to, Water, Air, Fire a
Lucy Skuse1/1/2013


Kiara is a single African American woman needing love, but receives hate. She uses her sex appeal to turn her lovers into her prey.
JR Johnson3/10/2012


When Bonnie agrees to be an extra bouncer at the strip club her cousin works at she has no idea how much her life is going to change in one night. Set in a futu
By BB Walker4/1/2014 Be the first to review this version

Youth Arising

Book One in the Fellhouse Family Chronicles
Jacob Fellhouse is a normal guy. At least, he thought he was. After witnessing a murder on his college campus, he discovers just how important he really is.
Josh Stahl9/25/2013


Sixteen year old Honey was just told that she’s exactly like Michael Yves. A compliment, if he wasn't one of the most notorious terrorists in the galaxy. Five
Emily Wallmann6/11/2014

You Don't Know Me

Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds he
Mandy Lee8/20/2015

Yoktown's Bad Boys

This short story is a about growing up in a small town, in the 1960's, but is really an homage to a Bad Boy.
D M ORourke8/19/2013

Yo Ho!

Silly silly silly, and then some. Damn again, how many words do I need to get this thing to post?
Mimi Speike1/26/2016 Be the first to review this version


Close your mouth. Don't look around first to see who noticed that you had it open. Just close it. Now keep it closed, all the time. For the rest of your life, o
SappleScoot 11/19/2011


A warrior monk recruits an assassin to protect his world from high tech pirates. Meanwhile, an alien race tries to escape an ancient evil.
Robert C Roman4/29/2011

Writer's Block

He was a literary legend in Seattle. He had written four books, the last of which earned him a Pulitzer prize for fiction. Then something happened. It had been
James Boatner1/6/2012

Wrath on Earth

The second son of the Devil, Wrath, was overcome with the need to influence humans on a more direct basis. What was only going to be a short vacation on the Inb
Stevie McCoy2/23/2013


A southern town is turned upside down when they find a monster in their midst.

Without Mention

Without Series Book one
When Oden joins a squad in the royal army, he learns that the human race is not in control like he always believed. There is a war, a war between the races.

Wish You Weren't

Marten doesn't believe in the power of wishes. None of his have ever come true. His parents ignore him, his little brother is a pain and his family is talking a
Sherrie Petersen4/26/2015

Wise Fool

All I know is that this shouldn't be happening. It shouldn't be possible. Yet, here I stand in the middle of a massive tug-of-war between two powers that seem t


Eleni. A warrior princess, enslaved. Schooled in deceit and lies, she is raised to kill the man who brought death upon her family and stole her throne. Artem.

Winter Rose

When Rose Davidson receives word that she is to teach children in the West, she is excited. However, it means she has to maintain a long distance relationship w
A.M. Owen10/31/2014

Winter Rose

a novella
A dark and haunting tale of a young girl trapped in Winter, longing to be free. When Rose and her sister are left to fend for themselves and an ailing mother, t
Rachel Anne Marks6/26/2013


The Manhattan Exiles, Vol. I
Winter’s not your ordinary teenager. While trying to rescue his Sidhe family from exile, he mistakenly unleashes the monstrous Dread Host upon humankind.
Sarah Remy7/30/2013

Winning is for Losers

A professional killer and a bookie team up to find a missing diary that a gangster left with his son before he went to prison.
Ron Friedman5/6/2011


First in the Prodigy series
A 130-year-old curmudgeon is roused from his euthanasia four centuries after the fact. Waking him was no trivial matter, so it’s hard to comprehend why these sc
Richard J Bishop7/28/2013

Wings of Madness

The Bloodiest Battle in the History of American Aerial Combat
Through the eyes of one pilot, Robert Sternfels, "The Wings of Madness" takes the reader through Operation Tidal Wave, a poorly planned low-level mission that i
Vincent dePaul Lupiano7/22/2016 Be the first to review this version


There are two worlds: the "real" one where we live in, and the magical one, where the fantasies that populated our world's imagination come from. They exist sep
B.E.Knight10/4/2015 Be the first to review this version

Winds of Change

Romantic Adventure
Sheltered in the hills of Darjeeling is Lona who is soon besotted by Neel. Under heavy opposition from her parents she marries into a political family and then
Paroma Bhattacharya5/23/2011 Be the first to review this version


The new capital of Mars has a problem with gliders, thrill-seekers who soar on the thermals that run through the pressurised canyon that makes up its' length. P
Timothy Maguire8/3/2015


Short Story - Menopausal space window washer is faced with a hard decision when she notices venting atmosphere on a departing shuttle

Wild Heart

Something dangerous is roaming Liberty’s woods. New alpha Michael has to find out whether it walks on two leg, or four. Or both.
Michele Lee8/23/2015

Wiccan Lies

She thought that she had finally found herself after her childhood of horror, but she was wrong. Really wrong. MacKenzie's life seemed to be spiraling out of
DJ Shaw5/11/2012

Why the Earl is After the Girl

Ways of Love series - Book 1
A missing heirloom... It all started with the Ashcroft sapphire, a rare brooch that has been passed down through the lines for generations. It was his grandmoth
Tabetha Waite1/10/2016

Who Watches

Think of all the damage people do to their environment. Building massive cities, blowing things up, over-populating; it puts a lot of wear on the fabric of spac
Glynnis H.8/30/2013 Be the first to review this version

Who Sleeps That Soon Shall Wake

A horror short story in the Lovecraftian Vein

Who Hates You?

Given the assignment of a final paper, the narrartor of this story finds it a little too easy to do reaserch for her topic of race-relations in today's society.
Mandi G 2/18/2012

Whispers of Insanity

An immortal Elf with poisonous skin searches for the one man who can kill her and silence the voices in her head-voices that make her do terrible things and bra
Bonnie Censullo3/13/2013

Whispering Shadows

Four princes, brothers, cursed by a witch. 1000 years pass, four young adults find the princes but once free, realize the witch is alive and wreaking havoc.
Jerry Ferrell6/10/2013

Whiskers and Wings

The things Miriam remembers best about her Cat-mom are her stories. Miri's favorite is the one about dragons. They hadn't been seen in a long, long time, Cat-mo
KJ Bledsoe8/14/2011

While You're Asleep

You fall asleep and begin to snore. Then hippo hops up and looks toward the door. The coast is clear! He has no fear! He slides off the bed, down to the floor.
Victoria Wirkkala11/6/2015

When We Were Married

Volume One - The Long Fall
“When We Were Married" is the story of the marriage of a driven Florida prosecutor and a beautiful professor and the four words that killed it. In its after
Daniel Q Steele5/8/2012

When Two Hearts Collide

Sadie Wyncomb was getting ready to enjoy the delights of her first London season when tragedy struck. After the apparent suicide of her twin sister, Nadia, on C
By: Tabetha Waite1/8/2014

When the Moon Fails

A mystery that spans three countries
One girl arrives in Portugal on a mission. She's never left the UK before. One man arrives in Portugal on a mission. He's never left the States before. Both ar
Susan Roebuck4/27/2011

When I Wake

I heard my name and looked around; sure he wasn’t talking to me even though I was the only one still outside. I leaned against the wall, soaking up all the hea
Brandi Kosiiner4/27/2011

When Demons Hide

Devon Sawyer is a bright, energetic graphic designer who falls in love hard and fast with his soul mate, Carmen Calderón. A mutual acquaintance of theirs hits o
Mary-ellen DeLeon1/5/2016 Be the first to review this version

When at Last

Book 1 of the Spring Creek Trilogy
After becoming pregnant in the aftermath of a rape, Charlotte Long is finally moving on, but when the perp returns to haunt her she finds herself relying on the
Phoenix Johnson5/29/2013

When Alarms Don't Sound

Hollywood long ago discovered that adding the accelerating beep of the EKG can add drama and suspense, layering on emotion where there was none in the sterile h
Tim Gordon6/2/2015