When Two Hearts Collide

By By: Tabetha Waite

Draft 2 Posted Date: 1/8/2014

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Historical Romance

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About the Book:

Sadie Wyncomb was getting ready to enjoy the delights of her first London season when tragedy struck. After the apparent suicide of her twin sister, Nadia, on Christmas Eve, for there was no just cause to explain it but a vague letter written in her sister's hand, Sadie was given only a slight reprieve before another heartache struck a month later. Her parents were killed in a freak, carriage accident, leaving a string of creditors in their wake. This came as quick a shock, considering her father was a renowned jeweler who catered to the royals, having such a successful business that he had married the daughter of a baron, opening all the doors to society that had been previously closed to him. Thus, left an orphan and watching everything she owned get auctioned off, Sadie was sent to live with her paternal grandmother on the remote island of Wales, to become a shell of the once, vibrant woman she had been. Braden St. Clair, private investigator, has been hired by Bow Street to track down Sadie Wyncomb. After recent evidence has been uncovered, it is believed that neither Nadia, nor her parents deaths were intentional, or even accidental. Thinking that she might be an asset to help flush out a potential killer, Braden's intention is to protect Sadie -- while hoping to gain a bit of insight for himself. His half brother, Alistair, had been killed nearly six months ago in a riding accident, but Braden had to wonder if perhaps his death wasn't premeditated, for it had long been rumored that he had had an affair with Nadia Wyncomb. Thus, as Braden takes Sadie back to London, where it all began, he has to focus on his job, rather than his partner, before they face the same end as their predecessors. But he finds it hard to concentrate on anything other than Sadie's sad, green eyes and lonely appeal; the urge to see that rare smile overriding his judgement, and causing the enemy his final chance at revenge.

About the Author:

A long time member of Book Country, this is my third, uploaded novel for review. Enjoy!

Author's Note:

If you like this book, don't forget to check out my other two novels for review on BC! 'The Secrets of Shadows' and 'The Lustful Spy'.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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