The Governess--Book One: The Trilogy

A Huntington Saga Series Novel
Lovely, inexperienced Miss Carly Blakemore, only nineteen years of age, is received at her first post as governess for two precocious children, ready to love th
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Pirate Bride

Book Two -- A Huntington Saga Series Novel
“The Huntingtons will pay. Oh, they will pay.” Plots and unholy alliances are put into action carrying out long-awaited retribution. Only … one was not thought
Ellise Weaver9/4/2014

Runaway Heart

Romantic Historical Western
Helly MacPherson flees her abusive stepfather and an arranged marriage on the eve of her wedding. She dreams of going west, teaching school and never being sub
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The Girl Who Didn't Go

A young woman returns to her hometown ten years after a tragedy that took her three best friends and ends up working with her ex-boyfriend to solve a murder.
Kelly Duff6/29/2014

Order of the Garter

At the dawn of a new century, the clattering hooves of horses blended in with the electric pops of streetcars buzzing in and around the French Quarter. Steamboa
Jaycee Ford6/28/2014

Meet Olive

Robert considers how finding a genie gives him everything he wants and deserves in life. Almost. He just has one thing left to do.
Tori Brooks6/20/2014


Heather looks for love in all the wrong places, but her undoing comes from a dark, mysterious foreigner. (Very short story, <1000 words)
Anna Spargo Ryan6/19/2014

Dangerous Creatures

The Love of
I write short story erotica but this one is hard-core BDSM and romance with the action of a Bond film, I hope.
BDSM Erotica by Nigia Stephens5/6/2014

Creighton's Daughter

Book Four-- A Huntington Saga Series Novel
Following the ill-guided counsel of her closest new friend, Elspeth plays the games of high society with ease. But emptiness is never far away. Still, ever so n
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Million Dollar Virgins

(Money Ain't Everything Trilogy)
For Bo Whitmore, he was everything she wanted, but nothing she needed. And denying her desire and refusing him was the only way to keep her world from crashing
Phoenix Fox3/30/2014


In the wake of infidelity, lies and emotional wreckage two people plot murderous revenge only to be met with something far more powerful – a tangle of love, hat
DJ Ashway3/16/2014

Smile, Old Heart

Belinda Marie "Maydee" Santiago has many conflicts in this story. First, she is afflicted with a heart disease that shortens her lifespan since birth. She is af
J.M. Talaver3/11/2014


Angel of Tears
Marie was anything but ordinary but not because she sang like an angel or danced with insurmountable elegance, though those talents didn’t hurt her case. Any hu
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Blackwater Creek

A Novel by
Life in Blackwater, Texas has always served Ludie Blackwell perfectly fine. She has her circle of friends and family to thank for the life she loves. As a child
Donna R Brown1/15/2014

When Two Hearts Collide

Sadie Wyncomb was getting ready to enjoy the delights of her first London season when tragedy struck. After the apparent suicide of her twin sister, Nadia, on C
By: Tabetha Waite1/8/2014

A Dance of War

Guardians of the cursed
This is my first attempt at a novel. I am attempting to mix old world mythology with native american beliefs. Taking the Hound of Annwn out of Ireland and pla

The Secrets of Shadows

For Alistair Elswood, Duke of Aylesbury, his life changes irrevocably when a malicious siren casts a curse upon his soul, sentencing him to an existence that is
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A Wedding Game

Upon the death of her mother, Lady Christian of Birch finds her life changed. An estranged uncle returns to arrange her marriage to his friend, Lord Maximilian
Alexandria Brim10/20/2013

The Secret of Zoe

Zoe wants to be like other girls, ordinary girls living perfectly ordinary lives in the world of the living, but her life will never be ordinary or perfect whil
CJ Renaud9/26/2013

The Lustful Spy

A Spinster Club novel - (book one)
Miss Triana Abernathy is content with being a wallflower, at least that means she has her independence. The problem is the Duke of Chiltern, having breezed into
Tabetha Waite8/29/2013

Her Ghost Wears Kilts

Sudden blasts of frigid, heart-stopping air are the first clue something’s not right at Baillie’s bookstore. When she hears faint bagpipes and the cat hides fro
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Secrets of Green Valley Manor

Edward Forsyth is a three-hundred year old vampire with a duty, to protect The Secrets of Green Valley Manor, and all it's inhabitants. Among those is Lord Cald
Kasandra Gorman7/2/2013

On Air

It’s present day in Gainesville, GA. There's little to do for 15 yr old Lily, except mind everyone else’s business. As an Intern for a local TV station she take
CL Holmes6/22/2013


sanc.ti.ty: holiness of life or character
Michael thinks he has to live a certain way because of what he is. Elayna convinces him otherwise and Michael finds himself determined to keep her in his life h

Thunder on the Moor

Centuries ago, in a time of border raiders and blood feuds, Robert Armstrong was snatched from his Scottish home and transported four hundred and fifty years in
Andrea Matthews6/15/2013

Secret Desires

Book One of the Southern Seduction Series
Michelle is graduating from college in two months. Why is it that now, as she is about to graduate, she meets her sexual mentor? Could her timing be any worse
Mallory Miller6/13/2013


The war between Vampires and Werewolves has continued for centuries. Dozens of clans of supernatural creatures have tried to end the feud but none were successf
Kathie White6/5/2013


This is a partial manuscript--I am in in the process of writing it but would appreciate any constructive feedback anyone can give me! Nevne Davis finds love wi
Jennifer Alena5/30/2013


a novel
May's father died in the 9/11 terrorist attack and her mother has been absent since. She gets by in life until one day she meets the boy of her dreams. This boy
India Alford5/30/2013

When at Last

Book 1 of the Spring Creek Trilogy
After becoming pregnant in the aftermath of a rape, Charlotte Long is finally moving on, but when the perp returns to haunt her she finds herself relying on the
Phoenix Johnson5/29/2013

Light Interactive

When Holland's wheel-chair bound aunt in London asks her to spy on a local artist she's convinced killed her brother, Holly's up for the challenge. Only the Vic
Jane Lynn Thornley5/20/2013

The Final Jump

“You shouldn’t be reading that book,” Josh said, his eyes dark and narrowed. “Don’t you know whose story that is?” Anne tried to refrain from jumping in surpris
Jennifer Alena5/16/2013

The Fall of Devotion

Her father's new job in New York changed more than just her family's location.
Adele Oldham5/9/2013


DARKER SHADES OF LIGHT is a contemporary romantic family saga. This thriller blends the powerful and exciting love stories of two families in sizzling love boat
Gideon Adjei5/6/2013

My jewlery box

Short stories
Short stories I will only write as they occur to me, which might or might not be often. I base most of my stories on what I go or went through. So most of them
Alexa Crowne4/29/2013

Beneath the Perfect World

Disillusioned with living in a close-knit Yorkshire farming community, twenty-six year old Alan needs a release from his mundane but pressured life. Intelligent
Rosie Ward4/20/2013

Love and Handcuffs

Something bad happened to Jade, She won't tell me but I know it was horrible. My wife has always been sassy and outgoing. Now she's timid and shy. All she wants
Demelza Jacobs4/19/2013

Stories of an Invisible Girl

Real stories of real people. I considered all of these real love stories. But a story is only defined by the eyes that watch it. I found a love story that invol
Alexa Crowne4/19/2013

By Mutual Agreement

When Beryl Linden meets Sir Edward Percy, a member of Parliament, they hatch an immediate dislike for each other, but Beryl soon discovers her younger brother
Geraldine Lucas4/17/2013

A Purer Evil

Rural Stebbings County, Ohio has a new pastor. Arthur Lehmann is an Episcopal priest who has come to this quiet place to grieve. Then one night, while walking


Vampires make a fortune in the human selling business. Just capture a bunch of mortals, clean their bodies up a bit, and you'll have customers lining up by the


Unhappy with his life of two failed marriages, no children and no job satisfaction, Andy Shepstone is invited to interview an alien. He is a trusted war corresp
Charles G Dyer3/19/2013

Thunder Across The Valley

... Maria felt a sharp pain in her back, and realised she had been knocked to the ground. She peered through her long black hair as it hung down in the mud.
Steve Oliver3/2/2013

Wrath on Earth

The second son of the Devil, Wrath, was overcome with the need to influence humans on a more direct basis. What was only going to be a short vacation on the Inb
Stevie McCoy2/23/2013

The Other C word

When twenty-five-year-old assistant, Marley Mason, is tasked with picking up the new business consultant from the airport, she is extremely annoyed. The last t

Memories of St. Bart's

Book 3 in the St. Bart's novel series
Sunny and Sven move to his native Norway where he is busy working on a new movie. Their happiness is interrupted by the death of a loved one which triggers a c
Emme Cross2/13/2013


An Inspirational Romance
Sarah Forshner was faced with the most challenging decision of her life after she met Ted Richards. Being a big believer in destiny, she willingly accepted her
Sarah Rachel2/13/2013

Lone Wolves

Andrew was pretending to be content in his new life as a tower technician in South Dakota. Things were bouncing along okay, not too great but not terribly awfu
A Brodie2/8/2013

Bound and Broken

Psychic and soul-bound to a vampire, Grey must find a way to keep her identity as the supernatural takes over her world. For years, Grey suppressed her psych
Kristin Molnar2/1/2013


The Civil War is over, and there is peace in the land. That is what Max Bratton, Irish immigrant and military veteran, expects when he leads a delegation throug
DG Downer1/29/2013