Crystal Clear

This book is about trust between 2 people and love, and if 2 people dont have that trust there is no way they can love each other they want to. This book is my
allison whaley1/23/2013

Ferocious love

A look into a loving master submissive relationship. There will be a slight edge to this story but there is no pain involved.
Demelza Jacobs1/1/2013

A Cut Above

This is an Urban Adventure; a tongue-in-cheek story, quick paced and devilish. Lord Fly pulls no punches as he tells the story of a young boy thrown into an urb
Lord Fly11/30/2012

Bartering For Love

A comic romance about the compromises we make when choosing a mate -- and a book intended to be an enhanced ebook, complete with webcasts and an interactive sur
Bera Burredo11/14/2012

Screaming on the Inside

A womans journey through hell
I didn't know what else to do. He was beating me but I didn't have anyone else to turn to. But i chose this life whatever happens next falls on me...doesn't it?
Demelza Jacobs11/13/2012

Shadow Angel

A 16 year old serial killer is on the hunt, you could be next.

Master May I

An erotic Beauty and Beast romance
Belle James is a painter who dreams of opening an art studio where she can help children pursue their own dreams of being artists. However she has "stage fright
Caitlin Bronaugh10/19/2012

Café Trocadéro

After having her heart broken at the base of the Eiffel Tower, Chicagoan Tristin Calhoun thinks Paris is highly overrated and believes, after thirty years of ex
Ella Black9/5/2012

Mister Marlena

A Novel of a Man and Woman
Tony Parisi at age 15 already had a hard enough life, being queer and all and living in this old-fashioned Italian neighborhood, but his father’s beatings were

Modern Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Gabriella is a fully modern and sophisticated woman. She is very sensible and practical. One day, while wandering in Sherwood Forest, she is mysteriously draw
Christina in AZ7/29/2012

Kiss of The Phantom

The Phantom Chronicles [Book I]
Kaleb Ridenour is a Fallen Angel and up until a couple thousand years ago, he thought he was deserving of his fate. Now, armed with the knowledge that he was b
Kimberly Jones7/29/2012


A Short Story By Donte Douglas & Colin Bass
Men, they are habitual for taking the women that bless their lives for granted, and in the case of Darren Bowe he is left to face his past demons as well as the
Colin Bass7/23/2012

The Agent's Priority

When FBI Agent Carson Loomis relocates to Denver, his heart is heavy with the loss of his partner and his mind stirs with vengeance. His mission is to haunt th


Catalina doesn't want to be a Slayer, but as the threat of vampires increase, she has no choice but to fight a war she has no say in.
Annah Johnson7/4/2012

Letters to Myself

"Dear Savannah, the visions you are having are real. I know, you think you're going crazy, but everything you see will happen. I'm scared that this warning won
Heather Noel6/20/2012 Be the first to review this version

Treasure in the Flame

Aminda Ingerham’s father will not wake up. The blacksmith’s lecherous son will not leave her alone. The sawmill workers will not accept her in her father’s pl

Fallen Angel

some faces are never forgotten
Elena Grey, a design graduate, runs into a series of unfortunate events on the night of her graduation party. Her survival and escape from the serial rapist kil

Jan's Excellent Romance, Applesauce and Andy

Hi. I’m Jan Duffy. When I was 26, my husband ran off with the woman next door, leaving me with car payments and no car. No husband either, obviously. So I did w
Lindsay Hall6/13/2012

The Night at the Argyll House

The dead do come back
The year is 1905 and Andrew Baxter, a solicitor's young apprentice travels from Edinburgh, Scotland to an insignificant little hamlet tucked away in the north e
Yoshay Lama5/29/2012

Enthusiastically Satisfied

A Local Coffee Shop Fiction
Christian Cook is an enthusiastic barista. He likes his coffee black, his Jameson neat and has a special attachment to his writing chair: a white plastic patio
Curtis Campbell5/18/2012

Earth Quake

Chloe Bowman wakes up one morning and realizes her husband has disappeared. The police don't seem too interested, her family never liked him in the first place,
Angela DiJoseph5/15/2012

the chaos of the existence

baby don't cry
Want to be the top dog of hell,li ao prepare to participate in 2012 postgraduate exam .But unfortunely,he is lonely, no one loves him. He only can drink with a
china lin5/14/2012

Wiccan Lies

She thought that she had finally found herself after her childhood of horror, but she was wrong. Really wrong. MacKenzie's life seemed to be spiraling out of
DJ Shaw5/11/2012

Going Up

Henry Wallace watches the stranger from his apartment window. Every night, this mysterious man exits the complex in a suit and tie, looking immaculate and icy,

Only Time

Fresh from a broken engagement Lauren, urged by her closest friends, finds herself in the last place she would expect - a dark, dank heavy metal club. Until she
Angela Homister4/3/2012

Jenny's Love

Jenny is a very shy girl. What happens when she meets a happy-go -luck guy named Joey and falls in love? Can she beat her shyness and tell him how she feels?
Jessica Crupe4/2/2012

Heaven Help Me

Melody was just a guardian angel looking to earn her wings until Cable turned her world upside down, being a demon and all. Would she fall or would she save him
Stevie McCoy4/2/2012


Kiara is a single African American woman needing love, but receives hate. She uses her sex appeal to turn her lovers into her prey.
JR Johnson3/10/2012

Moon Shine

When Julia's husband dies unexpectedly, she is left alone to fend for herself and her two small children. It is the Dirty Thirties, and money is very scarce in
Angela DiJoseph3/10/2012

Rough Start

A book about the beginning phases of a disastrous love life.
Mandi G 3/5/2012

The Meaning in Numbers

Katrina DeSilva comes from a large, close family. Their specialty is numbers. While some are living a normal, crime free life, some make their living in the sha
Julia Stephens2/24/2012

Who Hates You?

Given the assignment of a final paper, the narrartor of this story finds it a little too easy to do reaserch for her topic of race-relations in today's society.
Mandi G 2/18/2012

My Beloved

A selection of sensual prose
Steven Considine2/15/2012

Death and Rememberment

One Bad Decision
People say Eileen McReilly went crazy when her husband and baby were killed. Now her mother has died. She befriends spirits from beyond, but there is nothing fr
Kat Day2/8/2012

The Nafs of Istanbul

Elif was smart, erudite and pious: a volatile mixture that impels her into the night villages of Istanbul after a dispute with her father. Alone for the first t


Having committed suicide after years of bullying, Andy immediately realizes his new world is not what he had expected. Trapped in the Shadow Void between the re
H K Vessels1/30/2012


Embittered and battle torn by years of infertility Claire and Grant Carter find themselves on opposite ends of the chasm of barrenness. At a crossroad of love a
Tawni Peterson1/25/2012

pair a deuces

J.A. Finisterre's "pair a deuces' is a short and sweet meander into the wild shadows and light of contemporary life & love, pairing a long short story, "You Say
Julian Finisterre1/16/2012

Out Of The Night

Having been possessed for seven gruesome months, Corinna Moss is beyond grateful when a man exorcises the demon and sets her free. Her freedom is short-lived, h
C Baughman12/30/2011

A special night

What can a husband do to satisfy after a long week of work. He spares nothing, and goes the extra mile ensuring his wife feels the full extent of all pleasures.
Christian Colon11/26/2011 Be the first to review this version

Just Dance

(a working title)
Nic and Britt were neighbors as kids. Britt had been an ice skating diva, but an injury knocked her out of an important conversation, giving her the opportunity
Samantha Jane11/24/2011

Coyote's Name

a fan-fiction of the breed novel
A fan fiction of the breed novel by Lora Leigh. Cassandra has just seen a council of Genetics kill a woman. But when they send a coyote breed to kill her, she


Book 1 in the Redemption Series
"I wasn't just tied to the beast, we were somehow part of the same person. The freakishly opposite sides of the same f*ing coin." Dayton Blainey is a foul-mouth
RK Ryals11/17/2011

The Subway

Marco, a writer, has traveled on the Subway for a while now. The commute is routine for him, as it is for many New Yorkers every morning. Many people see someon
Christian Colon11/17/2011

He Used To Be My Girlfriend

and Other Tales Of Transition
Can true love survive when Michelle abruptly leaves Ethan to transition from a female to a male? Ethan, a bisexual, hopeless, romantic, thinks he's finally fo
Jason V Anderson11/16/2011

There was an old lady (who swallowed the sky)

Jane has loved Hugh for as long as she's known him, but he has the perfect wife in Dana. That is, at least, until Dana discovers she has ovarian cancer. In his
Anna Spargo Ryan11/16/2011

The Erotic Tale of Peany and The Pack

The wolves will play at night!
Peany doesn't want to be Alpha of her old boyfriends pack but he'll play as dirty as he can to not only get her in his bed but by his side.


Penny hasn't dated in five years. Witnessing the perfect summer kiss, she decides its time to give love another chance. This time, however, she'll use the Inter
MB Hanna11/5/2011

The Irish Rose

Ross McMahon, the laird of County Monaghan has only one heir, his daughter. She is a sassy and strong willed women named Ciara. There are many waiting to marry
Julia Cazort10/24/2011

Abduction Trilogy

This story has been revised plus two more stories of Abduction have been included.
Yezall Strongheart10/12/2011