Elle Eastgate had no idea she was applying for employment at a brothel in New York City. Captain Harcourt had referred her to The Dovetail. She had never met th
Keta Diablo4/26/2011

Quasar Love

Its 6pm and the workday is over but as the doors to the office close and the last person leaves, Franny's life begins in earnest. Franny, an overworked, lonely

The LOVE Curse

Ely, the wealthy daughter of a prearranged marriage, finds herself curious about LOVE. The only issue is that LOVE is the curse the commoners are tricked into.

Comrade Kitten

A Chinese woman's journey from a peasant girl trying to survive during the Japanese invasion to a communist soldier under Mao's leadership. After living through
Kitten Comrade5/2/2011

The Do-Over

What if you had the chance to go back and re-do your worst mistake? When Lexi Bailey gets that chance, she not only changes things, she falls in love!
Gracie Laurens5/5/2011

Rising Above

Abbey was the great hope of her small town, she was supposed to set the world on fire. Life had other plans in store; instead of working her dream job at a pres
Angela Homister5/20/2011

Winds of Change

Romantic Adventure
Sheltered in the hills of Darjeeling is Lona who is soon besotted by Neel. Under heavy opposition from her parents she marries into a political family and then
Paroma Bhattacharya5/23/2011 Be the first to review this version

Death by Foreplay

Self-proclaimed vampire Moishe “Mark” Markowitz needs Susan Saston. He was planning to wait. Having a serial killer on the loose changed all that. ¶ Mark a
Dawn Cord Ray5/25/2011

The Dumb About Men Club

Dahlya never considered her herself witchy. As a matter of fact, she left that squarely to her three witty, funny, girlfriends and one very eccentric aunt. Bu
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011

The Even Dumber About Men Club

McKenzie “Kenni” Wong-Levison has a huge crush on former hero and bad boy Tony Riappa. So it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that she cast a spell on him t
Dawn Cord Ray5/28/2011

Naked on the Roller Coaster, Again

What if you finally meet the woman of your dreams and you think your parents might have killed her father? ¶ Julio “Jesse” Reyes struggled his whole life. Ju
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011

Family Ties

When Grace moves into a 1840s Victorian, she gets more than she bargained for; not only from the home’s dark past, but also from the sexy builder she hires.
Gillian Daniells3/11/2011

The Nafs of Istanbul

Elif was smart, erudite and pious: a volatile mixture that impels her into the night villages of Istanbul after a dispute with her father. Alone for the first t

My Beloved

A selection of sensual prose
Steven Considine2/15/2012

The Meaning in Numbers

Katrina DeSilva comes from a large, close family. Their specialty is numbers. While some are living a normal, crime free life, some make their living in the sha
Julia Stephens2/24/2012

Moon Shine

When Julia's husband dies unexpectedly, she is left alone to fend for herself and her two small children. It is the Dirty Thirties, and money is very scarce in
Angela DiJoseph3/10/2012


Kiara is a single African American woman needing love, but receives hate. She uses her sex appeal to turn her lovers into her prey.
JR Johnson3/10/2012

the chaos of the existence

baby don't cry
Want to be the top dog of hell,li ao prepare to participate in 2012 postgraduate exam .But unfortunely,he is lonely, no one loves him. He only can drink with a
china lin5/14/2012

Earth Quake

Chloe Bowman wakes up one morning and realizes her husband has disappeared. The police don't seem too interested, her family never liked him in the first place,
Angela DiJoseph5/15/2012

Memories of St. Bart's

Book 3 in the St. Bart's novel series
Sunny and Sven move to his native Norway where he is busy working on a new movie. Their happiness is interrupted by the death of a loved one which triggers a c
Emme Cross2/13/2013

Lone Wolves

Andrew was pretending to be content in his new life as a tower technician in South Dakota. Things were bouncing along okay, not too great but not terribly awfu
A Brodie2/8/2013

The Other C word

When twenty-five-year-old assistant, Marley Mason, is tasked with picking up the new business consultant from the airport, she is extremely annoyed. The last t

Her Ghost Wears Kilts

Sudden blasts of frigid, heart-stopping air are the first clue something’s not right at Baillie’s bookstore. When she hears faint bagpipes and the cat hides fro
Kathleen Shaputis7/22/2013 Be the first to review this version

Stories of an Invisible Girl

Real stories of real people. I considered all of these real love stories. But a story is only defined by the eyes that watch it. I found a love story that invol
Alexa Crowne4/19/2013

The Erotic Tale of Peany and The Pack

The wolves will play at night!
Peany doesn't want to be Alpha of her old boyfriends pack but he'll play as dirty as he can to not only get her in his bed but by his side.

The Subway

Marco, a writer, has traveled on the Subway for a while now. The commute is routine for him, as it is for many New Yorkers every morning. Many people see someon
Christian Colon11/17/2011

A special night

What can a husband do to satisfy after a long week of work. He spares nothing, and goes the extra mile ensuring his wife feels the full extent of all pleasures.
Christian Colon11/26/2011 Be the first to review this version

The Rose Loves the Thorn

Chelsea had the perfect life. She was popular, hot, and envied, but then her mother, the woman she so often took for granted, whose smiles she didn’t always ret

My jewlery box

Short stories
Short stories I will only write as they occur to me, which might or might not be often. I base most of my stories on what I go or went through. So most of them
Alexa Crowne4/29/2013

The Fall of Devotion

Her father's new job in New York changed more than just her family's location.
Adele Oldham5/9/2013


a novel
May's father died in the 9/11 terrorist attack and her mother has been absent since. She gets by in life until one day she meets the boy of her dreams. This boy
India Alford5/30/2013

Fallen Angel

some faces are never forgotten
Elena Grey, a design graduate, runs into a series of unfortunate events on the night of her graduation party. Her survival and escape from the serial rapist kil

Treasure in the Flame

Aminda Ingerham’s father will not wake up. The blacksmith’s lecherous son will not leave her alone. The sawmill workers will not accept her in her father’s pl


Catalina doesn't want to be a Slayer, but as the threat of vampires increase, she has no choice but to fight a war she has no say in.
Annah Johnson7/4/2012

Modern Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Gabriella is a fully modern and sophisticated woman. She is very sensible and practical. One day, while wandering in Sherwood Forest, she is mysteriously draw
Christina in AZ7/29/2012


The story of a woman's journey through insanity.
Poor Mr. Westwood... He was never fond of the woman to begin with...and now he is tormented by a new quandary. Apparently, the woman has reached another sum

Angel Love

Maddalena opens the door to the love of her life.

Only Time

Fresh from a broken engagement Lauren, urged by her closest friends, finds herself in the last place she would expect - a dark, dank heavy metal club. Until she
Angela Homister4/3/2012


Book 1 in the Redemption Series
"I wasn't just tied to the beast, we were somehow part of the same person. The freakishly opposite sides of the same f*ing coin." Dayton Blainey is a foul-mouth
RK Ryals11/17/2011

Coyote's Name

a fan-fiction of the breed novel
A fan fiction of the breed novel by Lora Leigh. Cassandra has just seen a council of Genetics kill a woman. But when they send a coyote breed to kill her, she


Kate has taught French to dozens of people, but she has never met anyone like Brad, a diplomat who teaches her to love America and follow her dreams. But an amb
Claire Lyman7/21/2011

He Used To Be My Girlfriend

and Other Tales Of Transition
Can true love survive when Michelle abruptly leaves Ethan to transition from a female to a male? Ethan, a bisexual, hopeless, romantic, thinks he's finally fo
Jason V Anderson11/16/2011

6 Flamingo

It is the story of Leo and Mikala and how through multiple breaks in their relationship they fin each other again when tragedy occurs. It is also a growth for M

The Trips

Barbara Vazquez - Fiercely loyal to her sisters and intensely chimerical, life will deal her some hard blows - which can only make her grow up fast enabling he

Bartering For Love

A comic romance about the compromises we make when choosing a mate -- and a book intended to be an enhanced ebook, complete with webcasts and an interactive sur
Bera Burredo11/14/2012

The Secret of Zoe

Zoe wants to be like other girls, ordinary girls living perfectly ordinary lives in the world of the living, but her life will never be ordinary or perfect whil
CJ Renaud9/26/2013

Private Eye

Maya Crew
Maya Crew is a beautiful 35 year old African American woman standing at 5’6’’; she has accomplished many things in her life. Went to the University of Georgia
Kimberly Fire12/3/2014

No Time to Cry

Nine While NIne Legacy ~ Book One
Isabelle has life right where she wants it after recovering from heartbreak and deceit—she has the perfect apartment, amazing friends, a flourishing career, and
Stasia Morineaux12/21/2014

Good Gods

Chapter 1-5
Waking up at the base of Mtn. Olympus, Celina discovered that she is really a Greek Goddess. Since that moment, nothing in her life has gone well. Her once stro
EB Solace1/27/2015

It is Dark

Paige, a genealogist, is hired to search out Mrs. Hoffsmiller's family tree and write the family's history. She finds herself transported back to 1851, which m
Arlene Hill3/10/2015