The King Was In His Counting House

Spencer Weintraub, is a self-styled "finder", operating in a less than salubrious part of South London, who specialises in tracking down individuals who have "
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This is a paranormal mystery that follows a character called Haven. Haven has an unique life that tends to bring more danger then tranquility to her. As the boo
BJ Myers4/26/2016

This Aging Thing

"This Aging Thing" is a character driven novel written from the point of view of the two main protagonists. Alice Lepo, an ex-CIA operative, and Frank Hast
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Frog Legs

A Dunbarton Mystery
The body was found in the early morning, face down in the murky waters of the marsh. There was no question that he had drowned. The question was did he have hel
Valerie Tate11/9/2015

The Keepers of Earth

Aurora Medius
Here is a brief overview of the book’s plot: Mark, a fifteen-year-old boy, has been drawing Aurora Borealis pictures since he was three without remembering that
David Akselrod10/3/2015


Test Book
Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis
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The People on the Bus

A Diego Yorba Mystery
Diego Yorba loses his job as an investigator with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Yorba takes a job as a bus operator to stay in the Orange Count
By John W. Cohen8/27/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Case of the Defunct Adjunct

A Molly Barda Mystery
The Case of the Defunct Adjunct is a prequel to the Molly Barda Mysteries, the first of which, The Musubi Murder, is coming out August 5 (
Frankie Bow7/5/2015

Typing Through the Grapevine

An English Mystery
The year is 1945, and World War II has gratefully ended. For London editor Henry Blevins, though, the celebration is hollow. The five-year mark of his late wife
Jessica Newberne1/22/2015


Mister is an aging hit man. He has a contract for a seemingly simple hit which turns into much more. He losing his best friend and goes out to exact revenge.
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Newly retired Roland and Relena find themselves traveling back in time to help and/or save ancestors on their family tree.
Arlene Hill1/16/2015


Dr. Richard Pandamus is a divorced and well respected psychiatrist in the affluent southern California city of Santa Barbara. When one of his patients, a young
Peter Miles1/12/2015

Dead Thin

Diet coach Judy sets out to discover why one of her favorite clients, a dentist with a chocolate habit, doesn't call in for his usual phone support session. She
Atar Hadari1/11/2015

Sweetheart Killer

While working a double kidnapping, Detective David Wolf and his partner find two dead bodies tied up and posed by a lake with a note. Will they get to the kidna
Nicole Carrick11/18/2014

The Twenty Five Years

An idealistic mental health worker battles a murderous politician and a soul-crushing system of care. The story, features quirky characters, some humor and som
Bob Schueler10/30/2014

Dead Man's Float

A little murder in a big corporation. Art Donnelly, an employee at a Fortune 100 company, is killed six hours short of his retirement. His long time friend D
Steve Yudewitz8/25/2014

Blue Religion

A Frank Calhoun crime novel
Chicago homicide detective Frank “Preacher” Calhoun and his partner Fred Lions must investigate the murder of a fallen officer who turns out to be the brother o
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Rules of Twelve

Mia Mitchell has a problem, & it has nothing to do with the living. She's single, likes long strolls through cemeteries, and her morbid curiosity is on the brin
Alex Rosa7/11/2014

Dead Before Dying

A paranormal private investigator who is aging and wounded accepts an undercover position at a senior's residence.
Kerry Schafer6/28/2014

Murder In The Training Field

The novel is about a murder victim discovered in an old Revolutionary War Training Ground in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. The priest inadvertently b
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Lucky Loony

This story, set in the Canadian capital, is about luck, or the lack thereof. Some people find coins which bring luck, good or bad and about honesty with yoursel
Garfield McAdam4/15/2014

The Howling of Ghosts

Mr. Kilbourn is a former Chicago cop hiding out in the big city of New Temple. He works as a private detective, but someone tried to kill him and someone else s
Jonathan LaBrie4/6/2014

Athena Charles

Former FBI agent Athena Charles, and daughter Lucy, are recovering from her husband William Carter’s death and her resulting miscarriage. After a year of mourni
Ayesha Court2/18/2014

Plucking Away

Young frustrated musician, Robert Monroe, begins having involuntary astral projections which increasingly unsettle him. Amidst all this, he deals with loss of c
Abid Azam12/24/2013


Eileen Lightner has many problems in her life, even if she is a successful doctor's assistant. When she is kidnapped by the High Council for sentencing against
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Moonshine, Madness, and Murder

Will update this text later, as I managed to overwrite it by accident.
Christy Marie Kent9/17/2013


Emily Hill is a survivor, a woman with a hard-scrabble and violent past. At thirty, she wants nothing more than to be a good a police officer but in the 1970s w
Liz Kelley9/11/2013

The Bridge

Austin Kiel, a 30-ish opera singer in upstate NY, is on his way home from a late rehearsal during a deluge, but tonight's commute will be different than any of
Darrell Pestana9/4/2013


things that go bump
Some reminiscences from places I have lived, based upon real events as nearly as I am able to recall them. since this reflects event which occurred nearly 50 ye
Darrell Pestana8/27/2013


In the mid-60s, when crime solving was still at its infancy, what's a town to do when a group of their children are kidnapped and have only a week to live? When
Wayne Norris8/15/2013

The Fifth Left Foot

The veterinarian Abran is forced from the opium wars of Pakistan to the lavender wars of Clallam County, Washington when his brother and 2.5 million dollars of
Mary Nijssen8/12/2013


Balance is an explosive fictional novel about invisible forces that use ignorance, hate and racism to create anarchy and civil unrest in America. Kabe Ward is
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Blood & Candy

From the shadows of her shattered innocence, a fourteen year old girl becomes a ruthless instrument of vengeance for her governess.
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Solstice Turnpike

a short story
Thomas, a thirty-year-old man is running away from his fear of growing old by the help of his old motorcycle friend. Little he knows that his flight will be com
Mike Greenoor6/30/2013


Teresa Jordan is a rogue detective finishing one last case. Her investigation of a drug trafficking cartel leads her into a world she never expected. On both si
Jana Teresa Sosnowski6/25/2013

One Night In Nashville

Book 3
Charlie Tate became an overnight sensation in Nashville after debuting his newest song. Not everyone was happy about the farm boy coming to town and becoming an
Danielle Bowers6/19/2013

Outlawe Lake

Skye McLir is a loner who tried to fill the void in her life with the adrenaline rush of emergency medicine, but she never wanted to be a doctor. Disillusioned
Debra Thrall6/5/2013


MAGGIE BURNS hadn't planned to be a private eye but when she discovers that a former boyfriend is distributing porn under an education label, her fury drives bo
Jane Lynn Thornley5/19/2013

Getaway Girlz

Vivian Taylor’s dreams drowned the night she found her husband, father of their four young children, in the pool with her. Days from finalizing divorce and in n
Joan Rylen4/27/2013


Spending time with a dead guy, being interrogated by the cops and getting stitched up by a cute ER doc wasn’t exactly the evening plans private investigator Kim


In 2013, freedom of speech and expression are merely theoretical concepts, so he calms his unruly and not so politically correct thoughts and lets the words of
Ray Read 2/7/2013

The Final Chapter

At life goes on as usual. Well, for most of its subscribers. But one of them is not what they seem to be. One of them is a killer. Two others are mi
Ed Ireland1/17/2013

A Blow To The Head

A Blow To The Head is the first in a series featuring Donald Panther Bantham, an ex-military guy now living a unique life as a private citizen. What starts as a
DG Downer1/10/2013


Earl McGowen is a likeable philanthropist on Manhattan's upper east side who answers his jury summons and finds himself a juror in a murder trial. The victim,


When hope is lost, life has reached rock bottom, we can either end it all or find hope is renewed. We possess great power, all we need to do is find it.
Richard de Meath9/12/2012

The Green Dress

Based on a real historical figure, The Green Dress follows the life of Maria Susannah Merrick, one of my great grandmothers, born a servant in Windsor Castle in
Shannon Borg9/4/2012

C.O.P. Cash Over People

Police Corruption. The Ultimate Betrayal.
When Officers Stoney Brooks, Robert Sinclair, and Bruno Knight (Stoney, Sleeper, and Spanky) had joined the Boston Police Department, they swore to protect and
Rodney Pittman8/28/2012

Santa Baby, Don't

Angie knows things. She always has. She and her divorced father are trying to make a new life in the country and leaving all of the bad behind them but they fin
Summer Lynne8/19/2012


Kelly Patterson had the good life once. Stable money, a caring husband and a beautiful daughter. I'ts quickly vanishing. Her everyday life is a nightmare she ca

Down Will Come Baby

Having worked in a Wall Street law firm for several years, Jess Raglan is beginning to find her way as a sole practitioner in New Jersey. In Princeton to be pr
Lindy Roberts Rhodes7/10/2012