U.S. Army Major Robert Haddad is an Arab-American assigned the the American Embassy in Cairo, Eygpt. He serves as the embassy's Military Attache. He is abducted
Charles Kempton3/23/2016 Be the first to review this version

Sliding Inward

This story came to me late one night. I cannot pin-point exactly why, but I knew I had to write it. It's dark, but in my vision this story shows the dark side i
Jenks Gacy1/20/2016 Be the first to review this version

Dark Side of the Rising Sun

When Tim Harrington, a young Anglo-American working in Japan, is tricked into teaching English to a Japanese crook involved with the yakuza, it’s merely the sta
John Boyd9/30/2015

Secrets We Keep

Love has many forms, including true love, obsessive love, forbidden love and unrequited love. All of these forms are present in Secrets We Keep. Liv Chambers ha
NatWrites7/25/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Clock is Ticking

Angels & Imperfections - Book Three
When private detective John Wesley Tucker meets Hafsah Bashir, his world and his mission are turned inside out. Hafsah is searching for a missing family member
Daniel Roland Banks6/5/2015


Karen McTavish had discovered the end of the world, only she doesn’t know it. In her first field assignment after several years working in a secret CIA lab, sh
David E Whitaker4/1/2015

The Body Shop

While recovering in a hospital after an accident, Mark wonders how he got there, and where everyone else is.
Jen Lewman3/5/2015

The Book Of Knowledge

In the aftermath of war, a city is left in disrepair. without the knowledge of what has happened to the rest of the world a group of survivors forms up to survi
Dylan Angland2/9/2015 Be the first to review this version

The Dream

Something is wrong. Is Free Will still free and your will? At 11:30AM CST all across the world people will not know that they can be owned by simply being conne
Randi Edwards-Lee12/13/2014

The Abacus Conspiracy

The Abacus Conspiracy is a political thriller with Alex West as a brilliant but innocent young prodigy with aspirations to become president. He comes to realize
Brian L. Bleau10/5/2014


a short story
The little girl needed immediate open-heart surgery but her tiny ski village was encased in the blizzard of the century. Her father was still trying to recover
Mark Bartel10/4/2014


Abortion, Inc. Not What You Think
All characters except Louisa’s mother live in Tarrswyano, Pennsylvania. It is a very large sprawling city somewhere north of Easton. Louisa Hesstree - Perez is
Robin M. Candelario7/6/2014

Warped Time and Punishment

The Marlboro-Squid Administration
2080AD  "Squid drone Beta15 results negative, sir." Henry Hugett's assistant recorded the experiment and placed folder fifteen neatly above the first fourteen f
Robin M. Candelario6/30/2014 Be the first to review this version

Sierra Overdrive

The desert is a big, lonely place where the unexpected can find you unprepared. Julie Bravo is a ranger who knows her corner of the desert well. The Marine Corp
John Franklin6/23/2014

Tabula Rasa

Cass Vaughn grew up a Senator's daughter and when "security issues" sent her and forty other lawmakers children to a camp in remote Montana, she dealt with it.
D. E. Bowers6/20/2014

The Runaway

This book is about a serial killer attacking women. Women who go into law enforcement. The killer believes that women are to weak to be in this field of work. S
Danielle Urban5/8/2014


Seattle police detective Kevin Strode takes a smoke break while waiting for the chief psychiatrist of Western State Hospital for the criminally insane. Upon his
Greg Meritt4/8/2014

Eagle's Gold

Days before Germany surrendered to the Russian army, an SS-Brigadefuhrer led ten men into the lobby of the Deutsche Reichbank in Berlin and confronted the bank
Vincent Lupiano3/20/2014

Diana and the Diadem

A round-the-world chase after a precious sacred object. (But it's not the Holy Grail.) Set in Istanbul, Paris, Washington DC, Jerusalem...and a cave in Kyrgyzs
Lex Hames1/28/2014

Among Wolves

A Thriller
As a disaster response specialist working in the Middle East, Dr. Jacob Chase was prepared for every imaginable tragedy--except his wife's murder. The bombing
Dustin Turner1/13/2014 Be the first to review this version

The Megiddo Revenge

A murky group of international businessmen, working together with Arabic and Chinese Jihadist terrorists as well as vicious Somali pirates, plot to precipitate
Jesse Smith11/27/2013

Legacy of the Sun

It was the archaeological discovery of a lifetime. Despite the danger of the guerrilla insurgents terrorizing the region, he’d pushed forward with the survey a
Michael Craig9/15/2013

The Master of Complications

Mike Henchard is an experienced International Private Bank working for an English global bank in New York. At the end of 2000, he is asked to move to Geneva, S
Mike Henchard9/14/2013

Gaurdian Angel

Question where you are and what is going on as this face paced short reels you to heart-pounding exhilaration.
P.S. Hinzmann8/31/2013

Code 17

While on his campaign tour in his well-equipped bus, the President of the United States gets delayed to his next destination due to a storm. During the night th
Wayne Norris8/23/2013


A debut book readers have described as compelling, witty, fun, and engaging. This book has: Conspiracies. Telepathy. Spies. Homicidal knitting. Sentences. (It
Kate Winters7/31/2013

Hamelin's Child

A thriller set in the seedy world of London's drug rings, this book contains strong scenes and adult material.


When a young man suffers from insomnia due to nightmares, he decides to find a solution. Instead, he discovers and obsessive interest in lucid dreaming. But a
Robby Milligan7/16/2013

Don't Kill the Messenger

book one of The Messenger Series
Tristan Shays is on a mission he doesn’t fully understand. For the past two years, he’s been plagued by visions—terrifying images of strangers in peril—and giv
Joel Pierson6/24/2013

The Blue Roan

A fiercely independent woman returns to the frontier of her birth only to find that western society is even less receptive to her notions of women's rights and
Debra Thrall6/13/2013 Be the first to review this version

Everywhere That Mary Went

Jesse Hart used to be somebody: a doctor and a daddy and a man rolled up in one. But that was before his daughter died, before his wife left, before his lone co
Shannon Celebi5/22/2013


On a winter night in 2009, Niles Goodman risked his life to try and save a woman and her newborn infant from a terrible car accident, seriously burning his hand
Neil Ostroff5/22/2013


"Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé." -- Lamartine
The phone call Solange Beaulieu receives in Paris announcing the death of her best friend Emily is followed by another even more troubling. Emily maybe or may
MarieJo Fortis5/22/2013 Be the first to review this version

The Funny Old Game

Set over several thousand years, this story revolves around the best game in the world - football. Friendships that transcend normal lifetimes; legends and myth
Pete Randall5/19/2013

Drop Out

The room was dimly lit with flickering strawberry-scented candles. Power was out. It had been nearly a decade since Nathan stood inside someone’s home; since th
Neil Ostroff5/17/2013

Lonely Love

A lonely man finds love in the strangest of places.
Timothy Noble5/9/2013

Cracks in Nightmares

Agent Alden Kraft and Agent Doug Longwood are FBI profilers who are on the trail of a prolific serial killer. The killer seeks out and murders schizophrenics a
Charles Shell4/28/2013

Fire on Both Sides

One man has taken it upon himself to shut down a criminal ring that kidnaps and sells women and their children. With stunning precision and refined killing skil
Trey Adams4/22/2013

The Monster Within

Yosef is running against time. On the eve of September 09,2001, he is desperately trying to stop Mohammad Atta, one of the three highjacker-pilots, from boardin
Zia Ahmad4/21/2013


As a hostage, Ariana underestimates the criminals behind the lengthy bank heist as she foolishly tries to intervene. Fortunately, Owen, the leader of the heist,


Young Amy wants to get from her swing set to her house. All that stands in her way is grass.
Charles Shell4/9/2013


A clairvoyant prostitute, a psychotic soldier, a broke newspaper writer, and a dismembered body; what could go wrong?
Neil Ostroff4/4/2013


A botched military mission finds new recruit Christopher Parker in a hostile prison camp. His life has become pain. To escape the prolonged misery of torture, C
Neil Ostroff3/18/2013


An alcoholic writer, a self-destructive teen, a burnt-out waitress, an abused young wife, a good-natured cook, a tormented serial killer, and the cop unwittingl
Neil Ostroff3/12/2013

The Plain Door

The Plain Door is a short story about John Phillips, a man who has his orderly life cast into the madness of humans natural fear of the unknown.
Zach Cleland2/27/2013

Needs, Wants and Desires

Not sure where this book is going. I am just following the darkness. Hoping that it leads to the light.
Amy Grove2/26/2013

The Shepherd's Crook

Chapters 1 - 3
Jonathan de Grun dreams the kidnapping of other young people. He lives in rural Nebraska and has convinced his mother that he has simple night terrors. Soon aft
Jerrid Wolflick2/25/2013

The Trunk Society

Everything about David screams of mediocrity, but behind his bedroom door he is tormented by a violent past. A disturbing childhood manipulated by his promiscuo
Tyler Durden2/22/2013


The Shock
Sara Malcory was always the social outcast in the world. Not super model sexy, not totally hip and cool and definitely not the confident shining star. Always fe
Chelsey May2/14/2013

Video Games

It's still not done but it's a satire on the effects of video games on certain peoples lives and also how reality and fantasy can kind of blend together sometim
guy weird2/12/2013