By Charles Kempton

Draft 5 Posted Date: 3/23/2016

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Suspense Thriller

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About the Book:

U.S. Army Major Robert Haddad is an Arab-American assigned the the American Embassy in Cairo, Eygpt. He serves as the embassy's Military Attache. He is abducted and then released by a Syrian intelligence operative who wants him to take a message to American authorities - a small group of rogue Israeli Mossad agents are planning on murdering the American Ambassador to France along with his wife and three small children. They will then frame the Palestinian Authority. Why? To derail the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. When the Syrian Colonel is murdered, Haddad teams up with the Colonel's son to reveal the plot. But who can they trust? From Cairo to Damascus, to Amsterdam, to the U.S. the bad guys chase Major Haddad and the Colonel's son, trying to stop them any way they can.

About the Author:

Charles Kempton is a retired cop who has traveled widely in the Middle East and Europe. He works for an international security firm and lives in Ohio with his neurotic Rottweiler, and his fearless cat, Mario Puzo. He is also the author of the crime novel A FINE DAY IN HELL. Mr. Kempton has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.

Author's Note:

This is the first few chapters of a thriller I am working on. I want general feedback as well as feedback on the title. I am also the author of the crime novel A FINE DAY IN HELL.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Setting