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Flea Treatment

Crystal doesn't ask more out of life than to destroy the vampires that imprisoned her family. She willingly joins an experiment that turns her blood into poison

Zombie Diapers

Being a teen mom too hard? Try it with zombies chasing you.
Liz is a survivor, one of the few, of the zombie apocalypse. A teenager who just recently was a cheerleader, dating the Quarterback, and doing everything right
Cassandra Stryffe4/28/2011

Sunny's Haven

Sunny Hawkins has a big problem. She’s desperate to keep her husband and daughters from finding out they’re deeply in debt and about to lose their home. The rew
Kenja Purkey4/29/2011

Of Saints And Sinners

Caroline Sweet’s day goes from bad to worse when the police show up at her job with pictures of her dissertation chairman, Harriet “The Horrible” Hobbly, who ha


A young woman undergoes a dark ritual in exchange for power, only to discover the price is more than she's willing to pay.


The year is 2268, The City of Angels. Peter Romito, a drug addict and prostitute, is hunted by the Priest, who is on a sacred mission. The Priest carves out his
rj crowther jr6/12/2011

Boot City

Ren Gudrunsdottir can’t seem to stay out of trouble, or so everyone in Boot City is always telling her. But Ren has her own definition of trouble and thinks no
Jennifer Dodge7/21/2013

Merciless Destruction

A Political Thriller
Merciless Destruction takes on the FBI, the religious right, the war on terror, and the political culture of “Hollywood for ugly people,” Washington DC. Vete
Bruce Gatenby5/2/2011

A Life Lived Ridiculously

Prolougue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
Maxine’s brain is stuck. Everything around her feels wrong and the only way to fix it is to check, double-check, rearrange and count everything. What Maxine can
Annabelle R Charbit4/27/2011


Elle Eastgate had no idea she was applying for employment at a brothel in New York City. Captain Harcourt had referred her to The Dovetail. She had never met th
Keta Diablo4/26/2011

Stone Song

Ty and Jen discover a new technology being used for criminal and political purposes. They also stumble on ancient knowledge in the English countryside, where th
phil5/9/2012 Be the first to review this version

Quasar Love

Its 6pm and the workday is over but as the doors to the office close and the last person leaves, Franny's life begins in earnest. Franny, an overworked, lonely

Reality Shock

Harak'Thor Book I
What if everything we knew about vampires and werewolves is wrong? What if they aren't supernatural boogeymen? What if they are something else, from somewhere e

Eagle's Gold

Days before Germany surrendered to the Russian army, an SS-Brigadefuhrer led ten men into the lobby of the Deutsche Reichbank in Berlin and confronted the bank
Vincent Lupiano3/20/2014

Ice Cream Moose

A guy is on his way to work when he finds a moose sleeping in his driveway. After a brief conversation, the two become fast friends and eat ice cream. This is
Mike Lynch4/28/2011


first chapter: introductions. The rest will follow.
Killing is easy, friendship is harder. A loose group of friends try to dance around the murder in their midst, while keeping it cool and getting ahead.
Daniel Logan5/2/2011

Danvers Hospital

When he's stuck for an evaluation in the psych ward, Brian has to come to terms with his relationship with his fiancée and his responsibility for her death.
Andrew Magnusson5/19/2011


Sam Minor remembers nothing prior to age six. What little she does know of her gruesome past is gleamed from old newspaper articles. But when Sam visits her ado
MR Nelson11/22/2012

The LOVE Curse

Ely, the wealthy daughter of a prearranged marriage, finds herself curious about LOVE. The only issue is that LOVE is the curse the commoners are tricked into.


Two's company, three's a crowd…but not in Adam Jeden's tri-gendered, post-nuclear world. Though it’s been six centuries since the Cataclysm, the human species

Without Mention

Without Series Book one
When Oden joins a squad in the royal army, he learns that the human race is not in control like he always believed. There is a war, a war between the races.

The Contest

Working Title
When the seers of the Church forecast the impending death of the pope, the Cardinals and their secular allies and enemies begin the contest over who will succee
L R Waterbury11/28/2011

Under the Iron Lake

A crime thriller
A misunderstanding lands Rick in a Mexican jail. His new pals are chronic offenders; Rick is chronically misunderstood. He didn’t know he was working for gang
Display Name5/1/2011

What Am I Now?

A man struggles to accept the fact that his dog has learned to talk. This is a 2,200-word short story.
Mike Lynch5/28/2011

Helicopter Show

A zebra and a rocket ship befriend an somewhat antisocial bumblebee. This is a 2,200-word short story.
Mike Lynch5/17/2011

Winning is for Losers

A professional killer and a bookie team up to find a missing diary that a gangster left with his son before he went to prison.
Ron Friedman5/6/2011

Comrade Kitten

A Chinese woman's journey from a peasant girl trying to survive during the Japanese invasion to a communist soldier under Mao's leadership. After living through
Kitten Comrade5/2/2011


Orphan Special Unit
Dre never had a name until 031 gave him one. 031, Rem, is a spy that Dre is not supposed to be attached to. Spies are just another member of the team he will ne
Eli Celata5/9/2011

The Do-Over

What if you had the chance to go back and re-do your worst mistake? When Lexi Bailey gets that chance, she not only changes things, she falls in love!
Gracie Laurens5/5/2011

Pathfinder, Lost

Book One: Difference
Amadeau is of a gypsy splinter-species of humanity. He is a clever but lonely boy who harbors a dark secret and finds himself first hunted and then stranded on
Hudson MacHeath 4/18/2012

Ivan's Last Game

Homicide in the Hamptons
When Southampton police chief, Nick Lonski, learns that an infamous Russian oligarch ,"Ivan the Terrible," has been assasinated while playing golf at the posh C
Mark Donnely11/19/2011

Fat Chance

Max is a reality TV show producer who has been fired for lack of ideas. To save his career, he and his cameraman come up with a big one - contestants must gain

Rising Above

Abbey was the great hope of her small town, she was supposed to set the world on fire. Life had other plans in store; instead of working her dream job at a pres
Angela Homister5/20/2011

Winds of Change

Romantic Adventure
Sheltered in the hills of Darjeeling is Lona who is soon besotted by Neel. Under heavy opposition from her parents she marries into a political family and then
Paroma Bhattacharya5/23/2011 Be the first to review this version

Ring The Alarm

Heroism In Tragedy
This is the heart-wrenching story of Jeremy Brix, elder brother of Institute Commander Benjamin Brix. The Institute, a militarized remnant of the last global de
Charles Dove5/20/2011

Death by Foreplay

Self-proclaimed vampire Moishe “Mark” Markowitz needs Susan Saston. He was planning to wait. Having a serial killer on the loose changed all that. ¶ Mark a
Dawn Cord Ray5/25/2011

The Dumb About Men Club

Dahlya never considered her herself witchy. As a matter of fact, she left that squarely to her three witty, funny, girlfriends and one very eccentric aunt. Bu
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011

The Even Dumber About Men Club

McKenzie “Kenni” Wong-Levison has a huge crush on former hero and bad boy Tony Riappa. So it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that she cast a spell on him t
Dawn Cord Ray5/28/2011

Naked on the Roller Coaster, Again

What if you finally meet the woman of your dreams and you think your parents might have killed her father? ¶ Julio “Jesse” Reyes struggled his whole life. Ju
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011


Snowstorm. Zombies. Drugs. Apocalypse.

Faust in the Time of Mark Zuckerberg

Satan has been overthrown by his Twitter-loving, Facebook-addicted minions. Meanwhile, one man is caught in the crossfire of the revolution.
Kevin Richardson5/25/2011

A Sister's Betrayal

Kat Butler, the FBI and the Mexican Mob have one thing in common, Kat's adoptive sister Lizzy. When Lizzy suddenly and mysteriously dies, Kat inherits millions
Kimberly Ciamarra1/25/2012

Family Ties

When Grace moves into a 1840s Victorian, she gets more than she bargained for; not only from the home’s dark past, but also from the sexy builder she hires.
Gillian Daniells3/11/2011

Home of Masterpieces

Guy can't be satisfied with the mundane life at his mum's house in the little village of Twerby, even if parole after serving a sentence for art theft makes tha

In the Arms of Nightmares

Behind the black and white snapshots of VE-Day celebrations and after the roar of the swinging trumpets dies down, a madman hunts his prey. Arthur Reilly hears
Robert Dean3/17/2011

Fire Red

Reflecting on the loss of his family and the part he played, Reid is forced to make a choice.
JK Bradley3/20/2011

The Butterfly Bush

A fourth of July party among a few long time friends comes to a horrific conclusion before it even gets rolling.
JK Bradley4/26/2011

Snow Effect

James losses his innocence while the snow man dances alone. A life lesson children needn't learn.
JK Bradley4/10/2011


A Django Boldt story
In the early 2000's, by the end of the Time of War, humen began to achieve spectacular success in bioengineering. They began to uplift (David Brin's word) th
Philip Tucker5/21/2012

Brothers in Blood

Two brothers in blood same mother different father deal with threats to their kingdom and survival in the future. One brother is of royal blood....the other muc
walt Hart1/1/2012