The Agent's Priority

When FBI Agent Carson Loomis relocates to Denver, his heart is heavy with the loss of his partner and his mind stirs with vengeance. His mission is to haunt th

Sin City

Nina Skye is a stripper in one of the more innocuous clubs in Las Vegas, sure that shes keeping a low profile, until she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck gri
S A Price4/6/2011

Through the Lens

Cassandra thought that her life couldn't get much worse when she threw her cheating boyfriend out, but when she finds a photo of herself at the bookstore where


Hannelore has taught first grade long enough to see her former students grow up and become the parents of her current class. Like many people, she has a long li

Seductive Prey

When Laney McDermot killed her husband in self-defense seven years ago, she promised herself she’d never again fall for a cowboy. It was an easy promise to keep

Out Of The Night

Having been possessed for seven gruesome months, Corinna Moss is beyond grateful when a man exorcises the demon and sets her free. Her freedom is short-lived, h
C Baughman12/30/2011

The Lustful Spy

A Spinster Club novel - (book one)
Miss Triana Abernathy is content with being a wallflower, at least that means she has her independence. The problem is the Duke of Chiltern, having breezed into
Tabetha Waite8/29/2013


Elle Eastgate had no idea she was applying for employment at a brothel in New York City. Captain Harcourt had referred her to The Dovetail. She had never met th
Keta Diablo4/26/2011

From Russia With Blood

A tale a young woman thrown into a world of supernatural beings.
Anya grew up in the wilds of Utah and led a wonderful, safe childhood. Once she began attending college in sunny California, her horizons quickly expanded more
Kristine Ondrus5/24/2011 Be the first to review this version

Quasar Love

Its 6pm and the workday is over but as the doors to the office close and the last person leaves, Franny's life begins in earnest. Franny, an overworked, lonely

When I Wake

I heard my name and looked around; sure he wasn’t talking to me even though I was the only one still outside. I leaned against the wall, soaking up all the hea
Brandi Kosiiner4/27/2011


Mae Carlson has a father dead from cancer and a mother swallowed by grief. Aleksandr Kovalenko has an abusive father, a missing mother, and a sister with a hear
Karoline Tufte Lien4/27/2011

The LOVE Curse

Ely, the wealthy daughter of a prearranged marriage, finds herself curious about LOVE. The only issue is that LOVE is the curse the commoners are tricked into.

Comrade Kitten

A Chinese woman's journey from a peasant girl trying to survive during the Japanese invasion to a communist soldier under Mao's leadership. After living through
Kitten Comrade5/2/2011

The Do-Over

What if you had the chance to go back and re-do your worst mistake? When Lexi Bailey gets that chance, she not only changes things, she falls in love!
Gracie Laurens5/5/2011

Down the Hill, How Fast I Will Go

a short story by CP Warner
Molly doesn't fit in with her peers for a number of reasons, one of which is her old-fashioned, slow-moving sled. She hates the thing, and the ridicule it bring
CP Warner5/10/2011

Rescue Me

A country girl in the big city gets involved with a sexy Latin city boy when she agrees to help with a pair of abused horses.


Embittered and battle torn by years of infertility Claire and Grant Carter find themselves on opposite ends of the chasm of barrenness. At a crossroad of love a
Tawni Peterson1/25/2012

Rising Above

Abbey was the great hope of her small town, she was supposed to set the world on fire. Life had other plans in store; instead of working her dream job at a pres
Angela Homister5/20/2011

Winds of Change

Romantic Adventure
Sheltered in the hills of Darjeeling is Lona who is soon besotted by Neel. Under heavy opposition from her parents she marries into a political family and then
Paroma Bhattacharya5/23/2011 Be the first to review this version

Death by Foreplay

Self-proclaimed vampire Moishe “Mark” Markowitz needs Susan Saston. He was planning to wait. Having a serial killer on the loose changed all that. ¶ Mark a
Dawn Cord Ray5/25/2011

The Dumb About Men Club

Dahlya never considered her herself witchy. As a matter of fact, she left that squarely to her three witty, funny, girlfriends and one very eccentric aunt. Bu
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011

The Even Dumber About Men Club

McKenzie “Kenni” Wong-Levison has a huge crush on former hero and bad boy Tony Riappa. So it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that she cast a spell on him t
Dawn Cord Ray5/28/2011

Naked on the Roller Coaster, Again

What if you finally meet the woman of your dreams and you think your parents might have killed her father? ¶ Julio “Jesse” Reyes struggled his whole life. Ju
Dawn Cord Ray5/29/2011

The Long Way Home

Cordelia Delancy first meets Ian while visiting her father one summer. He gives her her first kiss, but leaves the island soon after. Fast forward five years. C
Samantha Jane6/15/2011

All or Nothing

A single mom will stop at nothing to get her daughter the education she needs, even if it means turning her back on her first chance at true love.

The Dainty Duchess

Every third or fourth generation, the Earl of Cheshire’s family manages to produce a girl child. This is not cause for celebration. Rather, it is cause for sham

Family Ties

When Grace moves into a 1840s Victorian, she gets more than she bargained for; not only from the home’s dark past, but also from the sexy builder she hires.
Gillian Daniells3/11/2011

Maybe This Time

Julie falls in love with the boy who had become her best friend. Eventually, he ends up leaving town, running away, He can run as far as he wants, but he can't
Samantha Jane10/9/2011

Harbinger's Kiss

Toronto's most notoriously eligible bachelor doesn't stand a chance against this nosy librarian. Laurel Harbinger, a struggling twenty-something, stumbles into

Wake Me At Dusk

Charlotte has worked hard to keep a low profile since she escaped her terrifying maker almost 200 years ago. None of the humans in her life know her for the vam


When Camille Rebecca Jones, ex-heiress, ex-socialite, and ex-African Relief pilot, returns home to save her Uncle’s executive jet charter company she faces ever

The Cell

Forensic anthropologist Jocelyn Hewitt knows her one shot at survival lies with the man in the next cell. Held captive in Cambodia by The Trinity, a ruthless gr
Cynthia Justlin4/21/2011


A Fairy Tale
Nate learned his lesson clearly. When people leave Green Rivers, they never come back the same, if they come back at all. He needs a job to distract him from he

Death and Rememberment

One Bad Decision
People say Eileen McReilly went crazy when her husband and baby were killed. Now her mother has died. She befriends spirits from beyond, but there is nothing fr
Kat Day2/8/2012

pair a deuces

J.A. Finisterre's "pair a deuces' is a short and sweet meander into the wild shadows and light of contemporary life & love, pairing a long short story, "You Say
Julian Finisterre1/16/2012

Letters to Myself

"Dear Savannah, the visions you are having are real. I know, you think you're going crazy, but everything you see will happen. I'm scared that this warning won
Heather Noel6/20/2012 Be the first to review this version


Having committed suicide after years of bullying, Andy immediately realizes his new world is not what he had expected. Trapped in the Shadow Void between the re
H K Vessels1/30/2012

The Nafs of Istanbul

Elif was smart, erudite and pious: a volatile mixture that impels her into the night villages of Istanbul after a dispute with her father. Alone for the first t

My Beloved

A selection of sensual prose
Steven Considine2/15/2012

The Meaning in Numbers

Katrina DeSilva comes from a large, close family. Their specialty is numbers. While some are living a normal, crime free life, some make their living in the sha
Julia Stephens2/24/2012

Who Hates You?

Given the assignment of a final paper, the narrartor of this story finds it a little too easy to do reaserch for her topic of race-relations in today's society.
Mandi G 2/18/2012

Rough Start

A book about the beginning phases of a disastrous love life.
Mandi G 3/5/2012

Moon Shine

When Julia's husband dies unexpectedly, she is left alone to fend for herself and her two small children. It is the Dirty Thirties, and money is very scarce in
Angela DiJoseph3/10/2012


Kiara is a single African American woman needing love, but receives hate. She uses her sex appeal to turn her lovers into her prey.
JR Johnson3/10/2012

Mister Marlena

A Novel of a Man and Woman
Tony Parisi at age 15 already had a hard enough life, being queer and all and living in this old-fashioned Italian neighborhood, but his father’s beatings were

Jenny's Love

Jenny is a very shy girl. What happens when she meets a happy-go -luck guy named Joey and falls in love? Can she beat her shyness and tell him how she feels?
Jessica Crupe4/2/2012

Going Up

Henry Wallace watches the stranger from his apartment window. Every night, this mysterious man exits the complex in a suit and tie, looking immaculate and icy,

the chaos of the existence

baby don't cry
Want to be the top dog of hell,li ao prepare to participate in 2012 postgraduate exam .But unfortunely,he is lonely, no one loves him. He only can drink with a
china lin5/14/2012

The Night at the Argyll House

The dead do come back
The year is 1905 and Andrew Baxter, a solicitor's young apprentice travels from Edinburgh, Scotland to an insignificant little hamlet tucked away in the north e
Yoshay Lama5/29/2012