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Delwyn of the Realms (Fourth Draft)

First two chapters
“Delwyn of the Realms” is a completed manuscript, at 68,820 words. “For Delwyn, the only way out is through, and beyond! What if her astral travels and sleep d
Kelly Proudfoot1/24/2015

Accidental Demon

A dark look at the cost of being different

Girl to Girl

Puzzle pieces come together to for a plot. (Not necessarily in order)


Trouble is intelligent and introspective with the ability to imitate human behaviors. As a result of this, she suffers from ennui. This gets her in a variety of

The People of the Stone

An cynical old anthropologist describes a curious discovery.
Atthys Gage4/1/2012


The world is ridden by war and decay. Satan has unknowingly journeyed back to the home of man and seeks to do what he failed to do the last time, destroy God's
Matt Bauer1/17/2012

The Dragon and the Phoenix

Tatsu is your typical college freshman - ready make friends and love (lots of love, if possible) - whereas Feng is far from ordinary: a musically-gifted introv
Michael Guarneiri11/13/2011

The Tower

The Tower is coming...but what is The Tower?
Anthony T Johnson8/8/2011

Neighbors Out Back

Sometimes what you see of your neighbors is not at all what they seem. Funny, lighthearted and a bit scary.
Jocko Lee7/3/2011

Faust in the Time of Mark Zuckerberg

Satan has been overthrown by his Twitter-loving, Facebook-addicted minions. Meanwhile, one man is caught in the crossfire of the revolution.
Kevin Richardson5/25/2011


Book One in the Freewill Trilogy
Ellie has discovered an ancient world that exists within, and along side, our own. To survive the mysterious and dangerous, she has to learn what she has become
Elyse Draper5/17/2011

I Am Morte

Follow the narrator through time, love, perplexity, and heartache "If they actually have a heart", leading to revelations that are as disturbing as they are mem
Elyse Draper5/17/2011

Knights and Chivalry

A (very) short piece of fiction that juxtaposes the fantasy and reality of knighthood in a contemporary world.
Michael Guarneiri5/3/2011


Unfortunate circumstances force this bride-to-be into the subway on her way to the wedding, and that's when things start to get weird.
Rhonda Parrish4/7/2011