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Magical System Ideas
Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 1:23 AM
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I'm new and I'm mainly looking for a place that I can share ideas and get some in return. I was looking through a couple pages having to deal with the fantasy genre, looking specifically for magic, however, all I found was if it should be explained in the story or not, or something of which I've already thought. So I thought I'd make a thread on which, if I could, get some ideas for how a magical system might work in my world. For some background of what I have so far:

Time is kept by a magical satellite put there by the "ancient" pure magic creatures (which would be like elves in a sense)

Currency of the empire is marked by some form of magical seal as the material for the currency is nothing special (like dirt)

The power of the magic depends on the parents of the magic user (not everyone is a magic user, like in harry potter, but because of this possibility, those born to non magic users are weaker than those born to those who can use magic (this is only affected by the parents, not by anyone farther down the family tree)).

and I have started creating a language that the "ancients" used and is a possibility to tie with the magic.

I thought that magic my be caused by something in the blood and the more you have in your blood the more powerful you'd be.


There are some magical objects, but those are mainly the result of a spell not the apparatus. And I don't want apparatus magic for those who can use magic naturally. One system I thought of was something similar to the "battle" system from the anime Loveless, where the more syllables you use, the stronger the attack, but I'm not certain. If you have any idea, please respond. 

Debasree Book Country Assistant
Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 3:32 PM
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Hi AllWillBeWell, 


I'm so sorry but Book Country has shut down so you won't find a lot of people on the discussion board. We will be deleting the discussion board shortly. Thanks!


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