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The Curse And The Quest
Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2015 12:46 PM
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Princess Allegra doesn’t want to wear a crown, doesn’t want to be married at sixteen.


But in some worlds birth is fate. Unless a curse intervenes.


On the day of her wedding, Allegra discovers the kingdom’s best-kept secret. As a baby, she had been cursed by Marginal, the doyenne of all evil fairies, to engage in a quirky quest. She must roam the world searching for herself. And she can find herself only by losing herself. 


So Her Royal Highness Allegra turns into Allie the vagabond. Spooky, a were-dog with an attitude, is her sole companion. She becomes an undesirable alien in the land of a xenophobic king, plays knight-errant to a handsome prince-in-distress and tumbles into a witch-hunt. She discovers love, witnesses a book-pyre and roams the skies in the company of Brunelles, a chic dragon in a fancy hat. Each encounter broadens her horizons and deepens her understanding of herself and her world. She learns to think on her feet, see beyond the first look, question the obvious and trudge ahead even with a broken heart.


Lost in a primeval desert, with Spooky consumed by a mysterious illness, Allie is confronted with an impossible choice. She has come to love his life of danger and adventure. But to save her beloved were-dog, she must sacrifice her freedom and return to being a miserable misfit in a gilded cage.


The Curse and the Quest tells the story of a princess who abandons her birth-mandated future and charts her own course in life. It is a book about discovery, self-discovery and being true to oneself. 

Thank you for critiquing my query. 


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