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Fantasy Hunt
Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 12:12 PM
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Just been on the pencil. Trying to imagine a ultimate 'Gone hunting' type set up.

Septure Planet

Australian bush but Europeon animals with some aditions.

The 3 Mages can shape shift into most animals.

Mage core animals are Jack a Griffin very powerful, Mage royalty.

The Rat Twins, Tom & Jerry.

The Druid Track is along to flush game.

Emma is his Wizard they make magic portals even to another planet.

Jack             "Fantasy hunt?"

Emma           "Hunt with you 3? What a wolf and two African hunting dogs."


Emma             "Wait up. I can do better than that."

Jack                 "What you hunting? What weapons?"


Just dicking about.

Dravid Mills


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