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A Jail House Romance
Michael finds peace in prison after the world turned his life upside down. He lives in a cell by himself, and that's just fine. He's a simple man that doesn't m
Ivella Jacobs5/30/2015

Safe Word

She says it's for research. He thinks it's to explore a hidden desire to be dominated.
A. Atticus Poe11/10/2014

Stepping Out

A Cuckold Tale
It was a relatively normal day, but little did Olivia (a.k.a O ) know that her husband, David had a plan. David’s sexual fetish is to watch his beautiful wife
Olivia Barringer5/31/2014


610 Williams St. Apt 3-G
This is the first short story in a series about a young woman and her adventures in, what modern society would deem, "sexual deviance" as she discovers the erot
N.R. Wine9/12/2013