Flea Treatment

By hroulo

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/6/2011

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Based on 4 Reviews


Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Crystal doesn't ask more out of life than to destroy the vampires that imprisoned her family. She willingly joins an experiment that turns her blood into poison. Each time she is bitten she spends the night as a vampire, but even that is a small price for their destruction. Avoiding the temptation of warm, living bodies, she encounters the vampire Leon. He, too, sits above the city and his stillness thrills her newly keen senses. Soon, each bite is a small window into Leon's world. But the poison in her blood is killing her, bit by bit, and Crystal must decide whether Leon's bite will be his last--or her first. This is a 5,700 short story.

About the Author:

H.E. Roulo writes sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. She podcasts, co-hosts an author interview show, and watches an unhealthy amount of television and movies.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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