Red Dust

By MB Mulhall

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/17/2011

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Based on 8 Reviews

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Based on 8 Reviews


Soft Science Fiction

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About the Book:

After a mass exodus from Earth, life has reverted back to the days of old for 17 year old Natalie and those who crash landed with her on a planet they named Terra Nuevo. Gone are days of surfing the web and dreams of being able to drive a car. They have been replaced with riding strange two headed horses, living in fear from the killer red dust storms and other unknown entities of the planet. Against her brothers’ wishes, Natalie strikes out alone through the unknown terrain determined to find her the rest of her family and reunite them all. The journey almost kills her but she’s saved by a fierce Felinian warrior, a native of the planet. Much to her surprise she finds herself falling for her cat-like savior. Does he care in return or is his hero complex keeping him to stay by her side? Even with all she's been through, Natalie holds on to hope; hope to bring her family back together, hope to finally settle into her new life and hope to find love and happiness.

About the Author:

MB Mulhall:author,educator, photographer who pecks away at her keyboard, looks at the world up close through her lens or has got her nose stuck in a book.

Author's Note:

This manuscript has not been edited at all. Normally when I finish a rough draft, I give it to a beta reader to check for plot holes, unanswered question and basic flow of the story. Since my current reader has been taking a lifetime to do a read through (she just can't focus...) I figured I'd give you guys a shot. I'm sure there are grammatical errors and a lot of repetitive words so if you can, ignore them please. Thanks!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot

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