The King Was In His Counting House

By Daniel McCoy

Draft 1 Posted Date: 9/5/2016

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Noir / Hard-Boiled

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About the Book:

Spencer Weintraub, is a self-styled "finder", operating in a less than salubrious part of South London, who specialises in tracking down individuals who have "done a runner" from landlords, bookies and anyone else to whom they may owe money. One morning, after a particularly hard night he gets to his office to find a rich and beautiful woman asking him to find her husband, a director of a very exclusive private bank, who appears to have gone missing. Spencer is puzzled why she should come to him, but there's money on offer and he needs it. So he goes looking. What he finds is not simply unexpected but mystifying. He finds himself in a world he barely understands, of cryptography and cryptic puzzles, of secret funds and the great power politics of the First World War. And most puzzling of all, what was the connection between a murder, a small, exclusive bank and what one royal biographer described as the most perplexing act of King George the Fifth’s reign: The abandonment of a loyal ally and much-loved cousin, Tsar Nicholas the Second of Russia, to degradation and death?

About the Author:

Daniel McCoy has been at various times machine operator, nuclear physicist, journalist, publisher and software developer.

Author's Note:

The first two chapters of the book feature the main character Spencer Weintraub, a South London chancer. They are written in my version of South London argot -- i,e, ungrammatical and expletive rich -- although the grammar improves a little when other characters come on the scene.

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