By lesliedow

Draft 2 Posted Date: 3/29/2011

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

When Camille Rebecca Jones, ex-heiress, ex-socialite, and ex-African Relief pilot, returns home to save her Uncle’s executive jet charter company she faces everything ex- in her life. Rebecca plans a tactical strike including avoiding her mother, getting her uncle flying again, then disappearing into the sunset, or at least the wilds of somewhere. When her tactics land her the slot of copilot in the private jet of tech genius and millionaire, Nick Miller, the attraction is immediate. Nick cannot afford any distractions from his failing company and Rebecca is determined not to fall for another gorgeous, bad boy. So much for the best of intentions. Rebecca learns she is responsible for safeguarding her family’s corporation, the same one Nick has targeted to save his own. Nick faces losing everything he stands for and his freedom, or walking away from the woman he loves, while Rebecca must choose between a powerful and uncertain love, and her loyalty to her family.

About the Author:

Leslie Dow writes, restores her vintage Airstream trailer and Jaguar E-Type, occasionally consults for biotech businesses, and writes. Did I mention she writes?

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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