By Elizabeth Smith

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/12/2016

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Young Adult Fantasy

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About the Book:

Like most of us, Natalie Brenton has been under the impression that the supernatural monsters of the world, the "things that go bump in the night", were nothing more than legends. That is, until she's standing face to face with a werewolf ready to tear her to pieces while mermaids, witches, and a Bigfoot look on. In a matter of hours, her normal life is turned upside down, and she's thrown into a decades-long conflict between her own monster family and a group that wants to see them all captured and eliminated. All the while, Natalie discovers more about her real family, and what, exactly she is.

About the Author:

I'll admit it- writing isn't my full-time job, it wasn't even my major in college, so everything I write comes from a place of love. It has taken a lot of nerve to finally share any of my writing with the world, so I hope you enjoy!

Author's Note:

This has taken a long time to come together, so if there's anything missing, please let me know! Same with characters, who needs to be developed more and whatnot. Other than that, just looking for some overall feedback.

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