The Unstoppable Reality of Daybreak

By Allison Kade

Draft 1 Posted Date: 9/11/2015

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

Sahara flees the emotional wreckage of her parents' divorce and her father's betrayal by going to Haiti on an international development fellowship, where she reunites with an old friend who himself once betrayed her. Ironically, he is possibly the only person who can help her learn to trust her relationships again. When they meet Joanna, ten years their senior and trying to recover from a divorce of her own, the three of them must adapt to the unfamiliar culture and unique challenges of their new existence--or risk alienating the very people they seek to help. Joanna will question her sexuality and the very tenets of what makes her who she is. Chris will face the demons of the people he's lost, and either overcome them or fall ever more prey to his inner darkness. And Sahara will cling to the comfort of her childhood friend and find strength in her new home, but must eventually stop avoiding her problems and face them head-on.

About the Author:

A graduate of Columbia University and a resident of New York, Allison is a freelance writer and editor. Her short fiction has appeared in The Huffington Post and literary magazines such as The Massachusetts Review, Annalemma, Fractured West, Underground Voices and 322 Review. Her nonfiction has appeared in publications including Bloomberg, Forbes, The Today Show, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, TheStreet,, Fox Business News and The Fiscal Times. In addition, her work has appeared in lifestyle publications like Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Lifehacker, xoJane and BoingBoing.

Author's Note:

So far, I'm posting the first two chapters. Tech glitches on Book Country notwithstanding, I will try to keep posting new chapters as I complete my current round of rewrites.

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