Inescapable Fate | Not every love story can be beautiful...

By By N K Burke

Draft 1 Posted Date: 9/2/2015

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Based on 2 Reviews


Young Adult Paranormal

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About the Book:

Do you really have any real impact on the path your life will take? Or is everything planned out before you? Each step set in stone. The notion of freewill nothing but a false sense of security, making you believe your choices are imperative. Being faced with an overwhelming question ‘What do you want to do for the rest of your life?’ was becoming suffocating for Kendall. Each possible answer mentally forming a cage around her; each outcome lay before her, as unappealing as the next. As if her mind wasn't already chaotic enough; she was becoming overwhelmingly aware that she was being followed. A stranger hidden in the shadows; watching her with vivid green eyes…eagerly waiting. Why is he following her? What is his motive? The more desperate she becomes to know the answers to this mysterious man’s fascination with her; the more she becomes alarmingly aware that she is becoming his prey.

About the Author:

Hopeless romantic. Love a good alternative novel with a twist on the classic romance. Big fan of young adult literature. Live happily in Manchester with my two cats and long term BF.

Author's Note:

Currently only a portion of this book is availble, as I am re-writing/re-drafting the ending. Up to chapter 15 is availble, I will hopefully be uploading new chapters every one/two weeks (work/life permitted)

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing

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