The Collective | The Hybrid Part 1

By Jearl Rugh

Draft 5 Posted Date: 2/10/2016

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Young Adult Paranormal

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About the Book:

Too late for the party, all fifteen-year-old Seneca wants when she sneaks out her bedroom window near midnight is to find Kirk still waiting at the beach with a kiss reserved for her lips. But minutes after her feet alight on the ground, she’s thrust into a corporeal revelation of what she really is. Now, confronted with this otherworldly and unbelievable reality, she’s powerless to evade the truth she has always known in her heart but never embraced with her mind. Knowing the truth but not how she’s become a hybrid human/shape-shifter, she believes her family and some friends have been transported by an alien race to an unknown place. To save them, she steals a cylinder and transports herself to The Citadel. This paradox of light and dark, safety and intimidation, and benevolence and fear is where she finds other abducted hybrid children, including her brother and BFF. But what do these aliens want and most important, where are Kirk and her family?

About the Author:

Jearl lives in the northwest town of Ocean Shores, Washington where this story originates and has published one other YA novel.

Author's Note:

I'm interested in how or if you connect with Seneca on an emotional level. Is there enough, too much or too little emotion for the read to want to turn pages. Also, as the POV of First person present tense, I interested in whether the reader is either engaged or put off by this.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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