Dangerous Snacks | (Book One of the Broughton Trilogy)

By A J Smith

Draft 1 Posted Date: 8/20/2015

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Comedic fiction

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About the Book:

Down-trodden by life and generally fed up with his lot, Edward King is determined to find the tiniest scrap of happiness before it's all too late. But it's not that easy, especially when you're the head teacher of a secondary school, and you're married to a woman like Angie. Returning to work as a teacher after a bout of post-divorce depression, Sarah Pickering is determined to move on with her life, and men definitely don't figure in the plan. But when her boss invites her to a conference in London, her mouth is unable to refuse. Throw into the mix a Tupperware box full of doped-up brownies, a demented skinhead, a handful of snacks and the Secretary of State for Education ... and things can only go wrong.

About the Author:

I write comedic fiction and erotic romance. I live in Leicester, in the UK and currently work in the world of education. It's a world I know well, and so it's the basis for this trilogy.

Author's Note:

Dangerous Snacks is the first of a comedy trilogy. I'll be posting the other two books soon. A word of warning: There's a lot of swearing in them, so if you're not fond of profanity, give them a wide berth! Originally, the first two books of the trilogy were one over-long book. An agent took an interest in it, and while that was going on I wrote a sequel. Eventually, the agent didn't offer representation. The books have been languishing on my laptop ever since, and I've decided to self-publish (under a different pen name) at around Christmas, after they've been edited again. I'm not looking to change the storyline, but I am looking for input on stylistic features. My other genre is erotic romance, but these books are nothing like You Don't Know Me!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Continuity

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