All We Need Is an East Wind

By alanajoli

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/8/2011

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Based on 26 Reviews

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Based on 26 Reviews


Paranormal Mystery

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About the Book:

Kasey Sun gets possessed by ghosts for a living. She doesn't love the career, but it pays the bills, and keeps her from being vulnerable to wandering spirits that could consume her. But when she summons the spirit of a murder victim found in an art gallery, she comes dangerously close to losing control.

About the Author:

Alana Joli Abbott is a columnist, reviewer, and fiction and comic writer from shoreline CT. She studies karate and is training her daughter to be a ninja.

Author's Note:

This is the beginning of a novel that's spinning out of a short story I wrote. I really want the setting to feel real and present, especially early on. If you feel adrift in this first chapter, let me know!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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