The Neverland Wars

By Audrey Greathouse

Draft 3 Posted Date: 8/15/2015

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Young Adult Fantasy

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About the Book:

Gwendolyn Hoffman is a teenager in denial. She doesn’t comprehend why anyone would forsake stuffed animals and sundresses for makeup and iced coffee. Regardless, Gwen must face the reality that she is driving herself to school, passing giddy notes in math class with Jay, and no longer a child. Growing into a young woman is hard though, and her goofy kid sister, Rosemary, isn’t helping with the transition. Gwen's understanding of reality is devastated when her little sister disappears in the night. Her sister seems lost forever, but Rosemary soon comes back for Gwen, accompanied by her abductor, Peter Pan. Gwen follows them out of obligation to Rosemary, and is soon whirl-winded away from math classes, texting, and all expectations of modern teenagers. She is affectionately adopted by a new generation of lost children as their storyteller, and learns that Neverland is facing grave turmoil. Certain adults are actively attempting to find—and destroy—the enchanted island and repurpose its magic to fix national debt and cell reception problems. Peter is still defending his beloved Neverland, but he has changed, too. Peter has aged. All the time he has spent in reality, ferrying children back and forth, has added up and left him at the same awkward age as Gwen. Now, a teenager caught between worlds, Gwen will have to pick sides, choose between boys, and decipher her conflicting desires to find out what really matters to her.

About the Author:

Audrey Greathouse is a nanny and English tutor with an incurable love for Victorian and Edwardian fairy tales. Her literature thesis, "Like Ravens and Writing Desks: the Absurdism of Alice's Adventures" explored the existentialist philosophical lessons in Lewis Carroll's work. Previously published as R.G. Summers, she has written fantasy and sci-fi YA stories and articles for a variety of literary magazines. She can usually be found somewhere along the west coast, between Seattle and San Jose, but remains a little nomadic in her search for a post-adolescent Neverland. To find out more, visit

Author's Note:

This is a modern-day continuation of the Peter Pan story which I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2013 while traveling around the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been through a lot of revisions since then, but I'm dang proud of it now! I look forward to hearing what others think of it, and someday getting it into the hands of a traditional publisher. It's the first of a planned trilogy. It is chunked up into 54 bite-sized chapters. Making every scene it's own chapter helped me write it, and hopefully it will make for easy reading, too.

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