Savage Heart

By Michele Lee

Draft 7 Posted Date: 8/23/2015

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Isis wants to be a rock star. But she's a thembisi, a werehyena, blessed not with the grace of a werewolf or the beauty of a werecat but instead with a gnawing hunger and need for violence. She lives a life of secrets, keeping her band from finding out she's a monster and her supernatural life from devouring her band. When a local label shows some interest how can she deny her band a chance at their dream (and give up her own) even if the manager is a vampire who uses mind control as a negotiation tactic?

About the Author:

Once upon a time Michele defended a Borders bookstore from an infestation of flesh-eating book-look-a-like monsters. On stormy April day she once single-handedly wrestled a bear into a bathtub and even got him to sit still for a nail trim. Mostly though, she writes stories of heartbroken werewolves (Wolf Heart), zombie with souls (Rot) and rock star hyena-girls (you’ll see). Follow along at

Author's Note:

If any reader wants to give feedback in any of the sub areas (Plot, Characters, etc) I welcome it, but I don't need something for each category. This is a second draft of a novella that already has a publisher interested.

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