Metropolis Devils

By James Blackford

Draft 6 Posted Date: 3/21/2015

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

A vampire, demon, and Rabbi, walk into an elevator... Read more to find out what happens next in a world where the bastard son of Satan is forced to attend a ball, a vampire prince makes a deal with the devil, and running into a zombie isn't the worst thing that can happen on a Friday night. Image for cover courtesy of meepoohfoto at

About the Author:

ames Blackford loves writing, reading, and watching anything not found in everyday life or conversation. He's fascinated by fantasy in general, and love's to see the impossible and fantastical transformed into something real. He knows that the imagination of any one person is endless, and that there is an immeasurable universe of possibility to create worlds, peoples, and magics that capture anyone's fancy, and attempts to do so in his writing.

Author's Note:

This is the 1st few chapters of a longer story i want to write, any feedback is much appreciated, and if anyone would rewrite a sentence to illustrate their critique it would be awesome.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Dialogue, Pacing

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