Androids Over New York | A Legion Ayers Mystery

By Arnold Baruch

Draft 3 Posted Date: 10/30/2014

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Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

This was actually the first Legion Ayers novel, intended to casually parody the sci-fi genre, but you get into a story and it requires a plot....and that turned out to be fun to develop. Agent Legion Ayers has to deal with a race of androids secreted underground by a disgruntled ex-Microsoft engineer (all those system crashes in the 90's were his fault). But the first one he encounters he falls in love with, despite her on-off switch (see the cover art). New York Police detective Feral O'Farrell is not that much help, partly due to his substance abuse issues. I mean, who snorts white-powder-laced Starbucks coffees anyway? But the two work together as best they can, until some off-world help arrives. It's not profound, it's intended as good fun. Either you can go with the flow, or it's not your cup of Caramel Macchiato. Tell me what you think!

About the Author:

Arnold Baruch is an American English teacher, writer and jazz saxophonist. Formerly of the San Francisco Bay Area and born in Brooklyn, New York, he has written a full-sized literary novel, 1961, two shorter comic-fantasy novels and is currently nearing completion of an imaginative political novel. The multi-talented Mr. Baruch also narrates audio versions of his work in various dialects (available online at ) In the musical realm, Baruch has worked steadily in Tokyo and also appeared at the Monterey Jazz Festival with the Mary Watkins Quintet. Mr. Baruch teaches and lives in Tokyo, Japan with his young son and his wife, who contributes illustrations to Mr. Baruch's projects (see cover art).

Author's Note:

I'd like to get general reactions. Does the zaniness of the first paragraphs put you off? Is there too MUCH humor, etc.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot, Pacing

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