The Dreams of Aine's Blood

By Scott Butcher

Draft 2 Posted Date: 9/19/2014

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

This is a Faery tale about murder. It's the story of the Death Watcher - the ancient enemy of Faery. He remembers from each life to the next. He has never forgotten the ills committed against him, and he never will. The people of Faery, the Dananns, are long lost. They were slaughtered by the Gaelhaed. Only the smallest thread of their magik remains, the heritage of a besieged line that has barely survived the centuries. The vestige of this power is carried in their blood, but the Death Watcher is more powerful still and would kill them all. The last Queen of Faerie, Áine, stands against the Watcher, though she is ethereal, she is no longer of this earth. Her kinswoman, an old lady, Ella, faces their enemy alone in our world, but she is dying and the time left to her may be too short.

About the Author:

Scott Butcher is the author of the children's books 'An Eagle's Heart' and 'The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles' available from Morning Rain Publishing, but also from Amazon or Kobo. 'The Dreams of Aine's Blood' is a very different book, much darker, meant for older readers.

Author's Note:

This book covers a number of time threads. It holds a complex web of mystery, fantasy and intrigue, it is currently incomplete, however 8 chapters are here.

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