Chasing Dawn

By Michelle Hiscox

Draft 2 Posted Date: 9/29/2014

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Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

Sample: Nicolai leaned on the outside of the door, wondering precisely what the hell he just got himself into. Maybe she lied. Maybe she worked as a trick and somehow found out what he’d done so many years before. Maybe she acted as minion to his horrid Aunt Lillith… but most likely not. It didn’t escape him that he need only walk through the door and feed from her tender vein to find out. Being Vetala had its advantages. But if she told the truth, if she was the girl orphaned by his hand so many years ago, Nicolai owed her much more than that.

About the Author:

I'm an aspiring romance/horror author, which is likely why I'm a big fan of paranormal romance. I'm currently going through the publishing process for my first paranormal romance, which originally went through an extensive review process with readers on Book Country. I've found it to be a great resource and am coming back for more!

Author's Note:

Chasing Dawn is the second paranormal romance installment in the Hearne family saga, the first of which, A New Day at Midnight, is being published by Bookkus Publishing. I believe the novels work just as well independently as they do together and I hope readers feel the same. I would appreciate any and all feedback, criticism and suggestions included.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot, Pacing

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