Losing the Light | a novel

By Andrea Dunlop

Draft 4 Posted Date: 11/18/2015

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

Thirty-year-old Brooke Thompson prepares to leave Manhattan and her 20s behind to move upstate with her fiancé, when she receives a friend’s startling invitation to a party honoring French photographer Alex de Persaud. His name pulls her headlong into a glittering, painful past she has long tried to forget. At the party she finds that the man who was once her single-minded obsession doesn’t remember her. Shattered by his apparent disavowal of their time together, Brooke still can’t resist accepting his invitation for a date the following week. Catapulted back to her youth, Brooke relives the events of a decade before when she spent a year in France following a disastrous affair with a professor. There she develops a deep and complicated friendship with Sophie, a fellow American and stunning blonde whose golden girl façade hides a precarious emotional fragility. Their lives are forever changed when they meet sly, stylish French student Veronique and her impossibly sexy older cousin, Alex. The cousins draw the two girls into an irresistible world of art, money, decadence and ultimately, a disastrous love triangle that consumes them both. Of the two of them, only Brooke ever makes it home.

About the Author:

Andrea Dunlop is the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator of Girl Friday Productions, an full-service editorial firm in Seattle, WA. She began her publishing career as a publicist at Doubleday in New York, and before joining Girl Friday worked with Kim Ricketts Book Events. She has been an instructor at the Columbia Publishing Course and speaks regularly at local libraries, book festivals, and workshops about publishing and book marketing.

Author's Note:

LOSING THE LIGHT will be published by Atria in February 2016.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Pacing

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