When Demons Hide

By Mary-ellen DeLeon

Draft 9 Posted Date: 1/5/2016

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Romantic Suspense

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About the Book:

Devon Sawyer is a bright, energetic graphic designer who falls in love hard and fast with his soul mate, Carmen Calderón. A mutual acquaintance of theirs hits on Devon, and Carmen walks in to see them in a compromising position. Her world shattered, she flees and never allows Devon a chance to explain. After Carmen runs, her world quickly begins crumbling around her. She can’t eat. She can’t sleep. She tries drinking and drugs for relief, but nothing stops the destruction of her life. Desperate, she takes her doctor’s advice to seek professional help. That decision will change her life forever. A year after their break-up, Devon and Carmen are brought together by mutual friends in hopes that they will finally clear the air. When Carmen sees the regret in Devon’s eyes, she realizes he deserves the right to explain. She agrees to go to dinner with Devon to hear him out and, by the end of their dinner, they are both surprised to find that they are having a good time. Before the sun rises the morning following their first evening together in over a year, Devon wakes to his cell phone’s insistent buzzing. Finally, bleary eyed, he answers. At first, he thinks perhaps Carmen dialed unintentionally. Her erratic breathing tells him something is wrong, really wrong. His instinct takes over and he knows he must get to her as fast as he can. When Devon reaches her apartment, he crashes headlong into the very dark and disturbing past of Carmen Calderón. A past he knows little about. Will he help or will he have to say good-bye to her forever?

About the Author:

Mary-ellen DeLeon lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. She is an accountant by trade yet has a passion for writing. Her favorite writers include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Robert Parker, Gillian Flynn, and Nicholas Sparks. Her first self-published book is Transcendent Love published on October 13, 2013. This romance novel is heartfelt and moving. Feat of Clay is a murder mystery published on Kindle December 8, 2013. Many of the characters are inspired by real life people. This is Mary-ellen's first published mystery. Family Secrets deals with spousal abuse and survival. The story is a rough ride through the life of a victim and her journey of self-awareness. Beautiful Anomaly is a dark tale of a victim of mental illness brought on by years of sexual abuse. Revenge is Mary-ellen's upcoming novel about two college students who are abducted and locked away in a dark, dismal cellar. You can find it here waiting reviews. You can read her blog on Word Press at http://hmjmdeleon.wordpress.com/

Author's Note:

The characters in this are not real although I have had dealing with people who have been survivors of demons. It is a long journey. This is not fantasy, it is a perception of reality. We all have demons, some are stronger or more vile than others. It is how we deal with those demons that makes us who we are.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Dialogue, Pacing, Continuity

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