From Reality's Edge | Volume One

By AR Neal

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/13/2014

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Literary fiction

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About the Book:

"Reality's Edge" is a compilation of stories that take readers on a journey through time and space. Visit with a cast of characters: the woman whose new lover is a synthetic human who brings more to their relationship than she bargained for; the car that dreams of being more; or the man who stands on the corner with a "Jesus Saves" sign. Visit new worlds, or old ones. It's all here.

About the Author:

Andreé Robinson-Neal got bit by the writing bug back in the late 1970s while watching Rod Serling and reading Ray Bradbury–both of whom are everyday inspirations; although she has worked in education for more than a quarter-century, she has never been cured of her penchant for speculative fiction. Find some of her flash fiction at She writes under the name AR Neal, who will hopefully one day be identified as a famous NaNoWriMo participant.

Author's Note:

This draft is a collection of short stories I wrote for the November 2013 NaNoWriMo. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Thank you for popping in!

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