By David E Whitaker

Draft 4 Posted Date: 4/1/2015

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Environmental Thriller

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About the Book:

Karen McTavish had discovered the end of the world, only she doesn’t know it. In her first field assignment after several years working in a secret CIA lab, she returns from Russia with intelligence warning of a biological terrorist attack targeting the U.S. As part of a Counter Terrorism Taskforce, she and her team are tasked with stopping the attack that could cause a global, extinction-threatening pandemic. However, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something familiar about this virus. A dangerous young woman is found in a dark alley with no clothes, no hair and no memory. After fatally shooting a would-be attacker, she is taken into custody. . . for her own protection. But as she begins to recover, she is haunted by visions of life in a third-world wasteland, and a mission she cannot remember. As the lives of these two women collide, will they bring salvation to the world? Or will they hasten the apocalypse?

About the Author:

David is a student of history and literature, and has written copy for a number of role-playing games. Much of that writing came in the form of world building to justify the mechanics needed for the game -- creating backgrounds and history where there were only stats and names. He is a founding member of The Ink is Never Dry, a local writers group dedicated to producing the best books possible. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and three sons. Paradox is his second novel.

Author's Note:

This is a complete draft. After getting feedback on this draft, I plan to find an editor, and figure out how to publish. Any feedback at this stage is still welcome. Thank you in advance!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Dialogue, Pacing, Setting, Continuity

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