A Member of Society

By Jayde Logemann

Draft 3 Posted Date: 12/16/2013

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About the Book:

While in a coma caused by a tragic car accident, 16 year old Karen Addams dreams that she is in dystonic Lora, a country filled with distrustful people and no answers. At the public boarding school she is sent to by Lora's overly-controlling government, Karen is no longer "Karen," but F-12-45, and she quickly makes enemies of both the other students and her teacher. The harder she tries to fit in, the more she seems to stand out, and not in a good way; she seems to spend more time in the dungeon-like detention center beneath the school gymnasium than in class. Enter the boy. Nameless, he is as much of a mystery as all of Lora's laws and customs, but at least he seems to accept her. As the school year and Karen's academic career draw to a close, Karen begins to fear what comes next: graduation, which grants the students real names and entrance into Lora's real society. She knows that her chances of graduating are slim due to her detention record and poor grades, and there are only rumors of what the government does with the children who fail. One thing is certain in all the rumors, though: retaking classes is not an option. Through a near-death experience in her dream, Karen finds herself closer to God than ever before, and when she finally wakes up, she begins to wonder whether it was really a dream after all.

About the Author:

Jayde Logemann is a teenage girl from Iowa. In addition to writing, she enjoys playing her flute and running. Logemann is also a Christian who strives to glorify God through her writing.

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