Sierra Overdrive

By John Franklin

Draft 7 Posted Date: 6/23/2014

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Military Thriller

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About the Book:

The desert is a big, lonely place where the unexpected can find you unprepared. Julie Bravo is a ranger who knows her corner of the desert well. The Marine Corps has called upon her to assist in a mission to find a missing device. Unfortunately, she can't know exactly what she's looking for or what it is capable of doing. Once committed to the mission she realizes she her survival depends on her wits.

About the Author:

I have thirty-five years of civilian government service in thirteen different locations. This story has been knocking around in my head in one form or another for more than a decade.

Author's Note:

Part one sets the stage for a small group of well trained specialists who believe America needs to adjust its focus and priorities on the world stage. Greatness requires risk; the winners are patriots, the losers traitors. In part two we meet Julie Bravo who is a park ranger living in a remote park of a large national preserve. Fortunately, her independent lifestyle is good preparation for the mission she's facing.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Dialogue, Setting

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