The Multi-Million Dollar Idea

By Rick D Wynn

Draft 3 Posted Date: 9/4/2013

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Narrative Nonfiction

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About the Book:

The Multi-Million Dollar Idea is a wonderful journey of self-discovery that never ends. Unlike most programs, it addresses even down to a cellular level, the core of inner resistance that can sabotage your dreams and goals. Dare to change your life by achieving your greatest desires. Even transform the anatomical cells in your body for better health, if you wish. Think about it; if you could wield an awesome power that could radically transform your life into a slice of heaven on earth, would you use it? Learn how.

About the Author:

Rick Wynn is the author of three books; one published and two in the works. At a young age, he found a love for writing and the arts. By graduation, he could not imagine a life without either. He went on to college to study the arts, but as it turns out life threw a monkey wrench into those plans. For over twenty-five years his life took on a complete different turn of events, yet has made a full circle. Today, having some experience of life under his belt, he has made his journey back into the saddle of his first love. Currently, he is not only writing but also performs on stage and in film projects. Professionally, Rick works in municipal government.

Author's Note:

Though my book is nonfiction, I realize it doesn't fit entirely into the Narrative Non-Fiction Genre category. It is more along the lines of Nonfiction Motivational/Inspirational. My desire has always been about finding answers concerning what makes us tick, the lives we live, and the world we make for ourselves. My book came about through what I like to call "self therapy." It initially had to do with me finding answers for myself. I believe our core instinct is about happiness. Bottom line, we want to be happy, we want to be loved and accepted. Writing this book has helped me understand in so many profound ways that happiness is not something one will ever find outside himself. It begins within and its purpose is to radiate outward for the benefit of others. Writing this book has also helped me to realize that we are not at the mercy of circumstance, but the creators of it. Perhaps that's a bit scary, but looked at from a certain perspective, it's quite liberating. I hope you enjoy the read.

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