By Rachel A. Marks

Draft 5 Posted Date: 4/22/2015

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Young Adult Paranormal

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About the Book:

***Thanks so much for all your feedback, guys!!! I've SOLD this as a three book series to Amazon/Skyscape!!! It'll becoming out in ebook/paper/audio on July 1st, but it's already up for preorder!! :) Aidan’s childhood ended the night he saw a demon rise up and rip his mom’s heart from her chest. That night his little sister, Ava, was claimed for darkness. That night Aidan became an adult at the age of nine. And every three years since then he’s had to protect Ava from the demons coming for her as payment for their mother's debt. He’s always been able to smell emotions and speak dead languages. He also has countless holy texts at the tip of his tongue. But none of that has helped him save Ava from the shadow growing in her heart. In desperation, as Ava’s twelfth birthday approaches, Aidan seeks out a pagan prophet, Sid, who helps teens like him to stay hidden in plain sight. With the odd group of kids Sid's collected, Aidan finds what he believes is a safe place for his sister. There he connects with Kara, a cursed girl who may be the key to unlocking his true power. Maybe in following that path he can save Ava from the demons once and for all. Unfortunately, in linking with Kara he’ll likely begin a chain of events that could cost him his own will, change the fate of every demon on earth, and lead him to the one person he's always dreaded meeting: his father. Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist" meets TV's "Supernatural." A New Adult, Occult Fantasy, set in the streets of modern-day Los Angeles. A story of prophecy and time-travel, and of how destiny is never set in stone.

About the Author:

I started this writing journey about nine years ago and have enjoyed every exciting, heart-wrenching, mind-bending moment of it. I graduated from Orson Scott Card's literary boot camp in 2008 just before being diagnosed with cancer--which put a bit of a pause on my progress for two years. But since my recovery from chemo I've been nominated for a Sue Alexander Award at SCBWI-LA, I won the True Grit Award and Grant from Mount Hermon Writer's conference and I've also been honored with a 1st place win in the Codex novel contest for the ms GOLDEN. - See more at: www.RachelAnneMarks.com

Author's Note:

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Pacing

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